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Acai The aça is the fruit, or berry, of a large palm tree found in the Amazonian Brazil, the Euterpe oleracea; this large tropical palm tree produces twice a year huge infructescences, containing numerous blue-violet berries, which remind us of olives or big blueberries, or of grapes. The pulp is thin and aromatic, and the fruit contains two very large seeds.
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Fruit and Vegetables


Question: Susino I planted a plum tree in the garden about a month ago. I would like to know how long I have to wait to see at least the leaves. And then how much will the tree grow and how large will it look when it is ripe? thanks Plant or Plum Tree or Plum Santa Rosa variety 2 years of life Price
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Cosmetic vegetable oils

Cosmetic vegetable oils Humans have always used plant-derived oils to cook, but also to soften the skin, to clean it, to polish the hair; there are so many vegetable oils, the most common of which, like olive oil or peanut oil, we are used to using them in the kitchen, and of which we know every feature, such as color, smell and origin.
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Purple variety

Varieties of violet The species of violet from which the breeders started to obtain the large and showy pansies, which we admire today in many gardens, certainly do not have such showy flowers and so striking blooms; however they are pleasant ornamental plants and often more resistant than the hybrid relatives, being mostly perennial endemic plants in most of Europe; moreover, usually the flowers of non-hybrid violets are very fragrant.
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Apartment plants

Gardens on the terrace

Gardens on the terrace It is possible to create beautiful gardens on the terrace without having to have very large spaces, on condition that they exhibit a favorable exposure to sunlight and that they have such logistic features as to allow the cultivation of outdoor plants. Depending on the size of the terrace you can choose vegetables of various types, namely: - medium-height trees - shrubs - climbing plants - herbaceous plants - aromatic and medicinal plants VERDELOOK Two-door Wall Greenhouse with Transparent PVC Cover, 100x200x215 cm Price
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