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Escallonia rubra

Question: my escallonia does not bloom Hi, I always follow you on the site, I am a very amateur green thumb and I often used your advice for my balcony plans. but lately I have not found a solution to the problem of my Escallonia rubra, I bought the plant already well advanced (it appeared pruned with only the branches, without leaves) for almost a year, re trapped regularly with a constant temperature, but no flower.
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Fat plants

Aloe Leaves bent

Question: Aloe Leaves bent Thanks a lot for the proposed solution, lately the leaves of the plant show some "bottlenecks", as if the gelatinous substance inside was dried out (in fact the quantity is actually diminished). The leaves consequently bend. Should I cut them at the bending point?
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Garden furniture

Outdoor table

INTRODUCTION The furnishing and care of the home represents a duty that no person can escape, because the house reflects the character of the owner and allows guests to receive guests in a dignified manner; in fact, furnishing your home with taste, whether internal or external, allows you to fully enhance the property and to create harmony and continuity between inside and outside.
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Meaning peach blossoms

Meaning of peach flowers Even if you have a small garden it is always nice to plant a peach tree, not only for productive purposes, but also for ornamental purposes and for the beauty and scent of its flowers. In fact, peach is one of the first fruit-bearing plants to blossom and the scent of its flowers is something unique and unmistakable in the first sunny spring days.
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