Geraniums transplantation

Question: Can I replant a grubbed geranium?

Hi, from the house of the sea I have removed giant geraniums for cleaning. Now I would like to replant them in another garden. I can do it? If so how?… They are flowering shrubs with a little lignified trunk of about 60cm. Thanks

Geranium transplantation: Answer: geranium transplantation

Dear Davide,
geraniums are very resistant and luxuriant evergreen herbaceous plants; their stems are slightly fleshy, and allow plants to withstand spring transplants, even if they remove most of the root system. You can therefore easily transplant large plants, in a good well-drained soil, and with sunny exposure. To allow the plants to recover as quickly as possible, after transplanting them it is advisable to prune them low, shortening all the branches, and leaving about a quarter of their original length. If you fear that plants suffer excessively for this treatment, and you think they may not survive, you can also prepare cuttings with the obtained branches. Cut the branches into portions about 5-7 cm long, cut the leaves into the lower part, and bury the branches in a good soil, which must be kept fairly wet, and in a protected position, not very sunny, especially during the hottest hours of the day . In general, geranium cuttings root easily, if you want to have more certainty of the result, before planting them, immerse the cuttings in the rooting hormone (you can easily find it in the nursery or in hobby shops). The cuttings are certainly rooted when they begin to produce new leaves, and then you can repot them into individual pots, or place them in the ground. This type of propagation guarantees that the new plants are certainly identical to the mother plant, with the same identical flowers.