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Citrus fruits without fruits

Citrus fruits without fruits

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Question: why are my citrus fruits without fruit?

Hi, I have 2 trees in the garden at home, one of lemons and one of oranges for more than two years and they have always been small. grown up there are only green leaves, the orange instead has only made flowers and now there are no longer even those.The garden has a clay soil even if it has been turned over what can I do?

Citrus fruits without fruits: Answer: cultivate lemons

Dear Paki,
citrus fruits are small trees, which are generally grafted; it starts from a small tree of poncirus, or wild citrus, and different varieties of lemons, oranges, mandarins, grapefruits and cedars are grafted. Obviously there are very different varieties, in general it is difficult to find in a nursery in Varese the same variety of lemon that is commonly grafted in Sicilian citrus groves; this not only due to a different climate issue, but also due to the fact that there are ornamental varieties and fruit varieties. The first produce fruits, but generally in small quantities, and the final dimensions of the plants are minute; instead the fruit varieties have a greater development and tend to produce much more. So, if we want a citrus to be planted in the orchard, and not to be cultivated in pots on the terrace, we should tell the nurseryman when buying the plant, so that he can advise us in the best way. Once the plant is taken home we will have to place it in a good soil, not necessarily rich, but certainly very well drained; if the soil in our garden is compact or clayey, we will add sand, so that the water flows away quickly, without causing stagnation. Once this is done, we will position our plants in the sun, fertilize them every six months or so and allow them to develop. If the climate is particularly hot and dry, we will have to water regularly, whenever the soil is dry. The prunings are practiced in July, because, if pruned at another time of the year, the lemons already present the floral buds, and therefore our pruning will go to remove them, removing all hope of seeing flowers and fruits. As for the flower drop, it can be a normal event in a very young tree; but if it is repeated from year to year, then perhaps the plant receives little sun, or is not watered or fertilized regularly.