Annoying moles

About annoying moles

Speaking of annoying moles, I too have a house surrounded by five thousand square meters of land in the open countryside. The anti-mole plants worked for a few years then passed quietly underneath.
Last year, at the first attempt at an invasion, I tried to do so: I took a fairly large flexible plastic tube. On the one hand I put it on the exhaust pipe of the car in motion to the minimum and on the other inside the tunnel of the mole sealing well with the earth.
For fifteen days plus no activity then the excavations are resumed. Then I repeated the treatment for three consecutive days twenty minutes a day. At this point I think that the mole decided that he looked bad and throughout the year he never saw himself again. This year another mole has arrived on the other side of the ground.
I think he is a hard-working male in a few days he has dug a myriad of tunnels on a front of a hundred meters. Since it is an area where I can't get close to the car, I changed the system. I took a bin of fifty liters, I removed the bottom on one side and put it upside down on the ground near the galleries. Then I found an old, very noisy electric razor and placed it over the bin. I started the razor. The drum used to amplify vibrations and transmit them to the ground. The excavation activities immediately ceased.
I beat all the old tunnels well, but no trace of the mole. I continued for a week moving the bin all along the front of the attack and making the war machine work at all hours ten minutes at a time. Fifteen days of the mole have passed no news.
I think he decided to emigrate to a quieter meadow.
If you are interested, I will keep you informed of the outcome of the battle.