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Question: Gerbera

I'm not very fanatic of plants in general but GERBERA is my favorite; I bought 3 of these plants and put them in a single vase.
1) How should I look good for having them look as good as they are now?
2) Are they annual or perennial plants?
I await your reply.
With best regards

Gerberas: Answer

Dear Lisa,
Thank you for contacting us about the questions about your plant.
GERBERA is a PERENNE herbaceous plant, which belongs to the Composite family, that is to say with flowers composed on one side called tubuliform (central) and ligulate (external perimeter). It includes over 70 different species, originating in Africa and East Asia. They are plants cultivated mainly for the production of cut flowers, but are also found as ornamental plants. The commonly cultivated species is the Gerbera jamesonii, also called Margherita del Transvaal (area of ​​South Africa). It is a bushy plant, about 60 cm high, characterized by having lobed, internally tormenting leaves, glaucous green in the upper side, white downy on the lower side, it produces numerous colorful, solitary flowers, in the May-August period.
The Gerberas cultivated for ornamental purposes in pots, in order to grow well and flourish in a lush and intense way, require well-lit positions, mild climates with minimum temperatures of 5-7 ° C, areas sheltered from the strong wind so as not to break the stem of the flower . Soils should be used that offer good drainage, regular watering without creating water stagnation which causes root rot, and frequent fertilization in the period of maximum flowering. In winter they are in vegetative rest and must be kept at temperatures no lower than 5 ° C, possibly using mulches made from dry leaves or with sheets of non-woven fabric.