Question: Verticillosis

A part of a hedge of viburnum planted in a 50 cm wide and 60 cm high planter has the tip of the leaves just bloomed blackened and after a while they fall. In the ground, although watered there are parts that remain dry and are infested with yellow spores which subsequently they become yellow mushrooms.
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Answer: Verticillosi

Dear Fabiola and Luigi,
Thank you for contacting us about your Viburnum problem.
The description he made of the diseases is rather generic, but due to an attack of pathogenic fungi. The Viburnum is subject to various types of fungal adversities, such as Verticillosi, which causes defoliation and desiccation of the secondary branches and subsequently of the entire branch, or the Peronospora that causes the wrinkling and the fall of the leaves that present on the lower page the fructification of the fungus (with a powder appearance), Gleosporium responsible for leaf blackening.
This type of disease is favored by a very humid climate, water stagnation in the soil and by compact clayey soil (indicative of the development of mushrooms on the ground).
For a recovery of the plants, we recommend eliminating the diseased and dry parts of the plants, improving the drainage of the soil, performing pesticide treatments and regular fertilizing to reinvigorate the plant.