Fat plants

Fat plants favors

Fat plants like wedding favors

The seedlings can be packaged in multiple ways and you can also do it on your own so you will save on packaging costs. You just have to do some tests before packing them all for the preparation of a possible basket where you put them for presentation at the restaurant. Some days before you will make some in various ways and so you will see the effect and you will also be advised by some family to see which wedding favor is more pleasant or which more elegant. There are so many ways, there is only the embarrassment of the choice. You will be able to package them by equipping the seedlings with a small ceramic vase, or put them in a transparent box or still wrap them in a linen napkin stopped with a satin ribbon. However the plants are prepared, they are always very pretty.

Where to buy the plants and the material to pack them

The favors for an eco wedding, you can prepare them yourself with elegance and even the economy because preparing them on your own, you will get a considerable savings. First of all you have to think about where to buy the fat plants that must be of excellent quality because even if they won't be abused, they will suffer a little stress since they will be manipulated many times and if you prefer the packaging in a transparent plastic box, the plants even if for a short time, they will remain closed in a place that certainly will not be their ideal home. Go to a nursery where there is a lot of sales and automatically recycle more than a store. Explain to the attendant the role that the fat plants will have and possibly, given the large amount you need to buy, ask for a small discount. After purchasing the seedlings, you need to think of a ceramic jar where to place the plastic pot of the plants because they must appear solid during packaging and also because they appear much more elegant. For the purchase of ceramic saucers, you can contact the 50 cent shops to avoid spending too much. If, on the other hand, you want to do things in a big way, go to a wholesale of gift items or wedding favors. Bring a seedling with you and measure the circumference of the saucer. The seedling must fit perfectly into the container which must wrap it in an unexceptionable manner so that it does not fall. If you want to package the seedlings with transparent plastic containers, buy the quantity you need from a retailer of packaging materials. However, be careful to choose containers that keep the seedling upright in the sense that if the container is wide, the seedling may fall. If you want to pack the seedling with handkerchiefs, you need to think about which fabric to use. There are people who, to stay on the theme of usefulness and practicality, use as wrapping, white Indian cloth kitchen towels which, besides being beautiful, can be used. If, on the other hand, you want to maintain elegance, have a dressmaker prepare some handkerchiefs surrounded by synthetic or crochet lace. Also buy in a haberdashery, 3 or 4 meters of white or ecresh satin ribbon and satin roses.

Open a dish towel or a handkerchief and place it on a work surface. In the middle, place the seedling and raise the first edge of the handkerchief and start making folds with the fabric, as if you wanted to make an accordion. Once all the fabric has been treated in this way, stop it with a satin ribbon that you will close forming a bow. Always with the use of a hot gun, place a drop of glue in the center of the bow and place a satin rose or a dry flower. Press and let it dry.fat plants favors: How to prepare the basket to take to the restaurant

The preparation of the basket is very important because the composition is better realized and more the plants will be appreciated. Line a white wicker basket with fabric, possibly of the same fiber you used to make the favors. With a white ribbon about 10 centimeters thick, wrap the basket around its entire circumference and finish the operation with a beautiful bow that will end up on the central part. With hot glue apply a dry flower, press and let it dry. Place the favors in an orderly manner trying to put them in such a way that they do not fall during transport. If the basket has a handle, cover it with white satin ribbon that you will wrap along its entire length. Of course the plants are very useful and original favors that you can use for any type of ceremony, replacing the ribbon with suitable colors. Even a degree can be celebrated with this type of souvenirs, a first communion or even 18 years of age. In the latter case, you will replace the white components, with satin ribbons and colored handkerchiefs. Success is guaranteed.