Rose scab

Question: Rose scab

Hi I would like to know what I can use to fight the black spots that are made on the leaves of roses but more than anything I would like to use homemade products instead of buying medicines what can I use that I have at home to treat roses?

Rose scab: Answer: Rose scab

Dear Fabrizio,
Thank you for contacting us about your questions about your roses.
One of the most frequent problems on roses is the proliferation of fungal diseases, more commonly called "mold" due to the appearance of their fruiting that generally covers the plant attached.
These pathogens, if not fought for time, can quickly destroy all flowers and plants.
Their diffusion is favored by humid or rainy climatic situations, and they afflict more Rose with nutritional deficiencies.
In its specific case the presence of "black spots on the leaves" is the manifestation of TICOLUTURA. It is a disease caused by the Diplocarpon Rosae fungus which creates confluent blackish or purple spots on the leaves. The affected leaves quickly dry up and fall off quickly stripping the whole plant.
To solve this type of problem, treatments with products based on Mancozeb or copper sulfate must be performed, elimination of diseased branches, avoid wetting the leaves during irrigation and creating an environment with less stagnant humidity. In some cases, there have been interesting results when treating with sodium bicarbonate solutions.