How to make paper flowers

How to make paper flowers

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How to make paper flowers

Making paper flowers is very simple but at the same time you have to be very careful because it is an operation that requires great precision and delicacy.
With the card you can make an infinite number of types of flowers and floral compositions, from the most complex, to small flowers to put in our home vases or apply on gifts and even favors. Naturally, paper flowers have the advantage of preserving themselves for a long time and give us the opportunity to choose among the colors we prefer. By making the flowers autonomously we will have the advantage of preferring colors that are closer to those with which we have decorated our home or the place where we will decide to put our paper flowers
Typically, crepe paper is used to make paper flowers because it is easy to shape and work. The crepe paper allows you to choose from many colors, is very elastic and allows you to create many and imaginative folds that will make your flowers even more beautiful. Of course, if your manual is already well developed to make paper flowers, you can also use other materials such as tissue paper, rice paper or cotton. The materials with which to make paper flowers must be chosen both according to our manual skills, more or less versatile, and based on what you want to achieve and how you want it to be seen or the environment in which you will have to insert your flowers. Crepe paper, for example, is not very valuable, therefore not suitable for elegant environments, but at the same time it is very nice and lends itself to many types of modeling. The quality of crepe paper also lies in the fact that it has low costs and therefore gives the less experienced the chance to try to make paper flowers without the problem of having to think about costs if you have to throw away the work you have done. In short, crepe paper is excellent especially for those who are just starting out trying and trying again until they reach excellent results.

Useful materials for making paper flowers

Crepe paper of various colors. As we have said, it is the most versatile and with which to work in a simpler way.
Wire. You can buy wire in any kind of gardening shop. The wire must be thin and green. As an alternative to wire, you can make a sort of wire yourself using multiple layers of green adhesive tape.
Scissors. You'll need round-tipped scissors to cut the paper. You will also need a cutter to cut the wire to make the stems.
Adhesive and self-adhesive paper tape for florists. The adhesive tape will be useful at every stage of making your flowers. The self-adhesive tape should be as green as possible but brown too.

Phases for making paper flowers

Cut the paper
To make paper flowers, start with the petals. Take the crepe paper of the color you have chosen and cut into strips about ten centimeters high and fifty centimeters long. After cutting the strips take the top side and proceed to spread the paper with your hands. It is necessary that the curl is well pulled and curved in the external part. To make the curls more resistant, take the wire and roll the paper over the outer part. Holding the paper firmly on the wire for a few minutes, this will soon take the shape you want.
How to make the flower
Once you have your previously processed paper ready, try to roll it until you have made a flower. Once you have made and shaped your flower to hold it in place, take the green adhesive tape and attach it to the part of the flower you want to hold.
How to prepare the stem
Once the flower is ready, prepare the stem. To do this you will have to take the wire, the length you prefer, and cover it all in a precise manner with the green self-adhesive ribbon from florists.
How to create leaves
Once the flower is ready it is necessary to create the leaves. To do this you need to take the green crepe paper and with the scissors model and cut leaves depending on how many you will need. The leaves, once cut, must be well modeled with the hands and then a piece of green wire must be applied with adhesive tape. This will serve to attach them and fit them to the star you have previously prepared.
Fix the stem to the flower
Once the stem with the leaves that we have applied and the flower are ready to complete our paper flower it will be necessary to take the stem and insert it in the lower part of the flower and fix it well with the green self-adhesive tape.