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Plant pots

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Plant pots

Classic and modern vases, for interiors or exteriors, for furniture or for small domestic crops. Models, materials, technological innovations and useful information to choose well.

Usefulness and aesthetics

The pots for plants are among those objects born, at the beginning, to exclusively fulfill a function of utility and become, over time, also objects of embellishment. The vase today is, in fact, an interpretation of an aesthetic concept and not just the container of a plant. Function, which thanks to technological innovations, performs better than before.
There is a great variety of products that can satisfy everyone's tastes and needs. From the vases conceived as luxury objects for houses and apartments, to those suitable for gardens and exteriors, from the classic to those in modern style. To these are added also the new generation vases, those made to contain a plant and at the same time illuminate the rooms and those that, like a sort of mini-greenhouse from apartment, are suitable for the cultivation of a small metropolitan vegetable garden. However, the rule is one in every case: that the vase is functional and beautiful at the same time, able to contain enhancing the environments.

Outdoor pots

Outdoors, technology and innovation have designed increasingly resistant and eco-friendly products. The vase in gardens, balconies, terraces, public places, restaurants, avenues or poolside often, in addition to containing, furnishes or illuminates.
Thanks to the dimensions, sometimes even enormous, in the outdoor furniture pots you can plant trees or large-trunk plants and avoid flower beds that require more maintenance and constant gardening work. The planter, in this sense, is the most famous type of vase. The classic, rectangular or square shape is very capacious and particularly suitable for climbing plants or for creating separates if equipped with a rear grill. Of great utility, because they embellish and furnish together, the planters with bench and the angular ones with grilled with which you can realize very particular scenographies. Vases and other containers such as hanging baskets, ideal for falling plants, make it possible to exploit even the most limited spaces with creative solutions. They are very resistant to atmospheric agents, both those in treated pine and those in stainless steel or PVC and, since they contain a double plastic vase, they can also be used for hydroculture plants. The most modern are also equipped with a water reserve system and a level indicator.
Then there are the vases that light up. Products like those of the made in Italy brand SLIDE, are the result of highly innovative lighting studies, they are made of polyethylene and contain low-consumption LED bulbs that make each vase a very special light source, very suggestive and less polluting than other types or outdoor lighting techniques. Or the geotextile fabric vases that allow even those who only have a balcony or a terrace to cultivate a small urban garden. The vase is made with a light and resistant fabric whose technology allows an excellent circulation of air and water inside it, facilitating the production of vegetables. They are equipped with a 6-liter tank and can hold up to 100 liters of soil. Of course there are dimensions and shapes for all needs.

Interior vases

In the interiors the vase is transformed into sculpture and is designed above all to capture attention, personalize and complete the furnishing, emphasizing its style. In many cases it is in fact used to contain fake stylized and imaginative flowers and therefore to furnish a corner of the house or a wall. The variations are endless for colors, shapes and materials.
Even in the apartment you can use the vases with lamp. Their minimalist style and their ability to replace floor lamps and bedside lamps with a soft light, cold or warm, make it an object particularly suitable for modern environments.
Then there are the contemporary vases. More and more often present in wedding lists, they are certainly successful gifts. The size, color and exclusive design with which they are designed are able to amaze with elegance and sophistication. White, black, silver, gold and violet are the passe-partout colors. While the large or elongated design vases are preferred by interior designers due to their ability to adapt to contemporary architecture. Often composed of two or three elements of specular shapes but of different sizes, they are an integral and inevitable part of the design of each individual room and are designed to organize green spaces in a geometric, orderly and exciting way.
Artistic vases, in blown glass or in colored or handcrafted ceramics, being handmade, they are all slightly different from each other and therefore unique. Some are highly sought after because of this characteristic which also guarantees their origin and production according to specific techniques.


The vases, both classic and new generation, are available in a wide range of materials: from lacquered or painted wood, to metals such as iron, stainless steel and zinc, from classic terracotta, stone, tuff and marble vases up to those in plastic, polyethylene, pvc, geotextile, etc. The use of particularly malleable materials such as the latter and production techniques such as the rotational system, allow the vases to be given the most varied forms: conical, pyramidal, tube-shaped, of classic round shape or spherical, cubic and various others that amaze for their eccentric geometries.


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