Artichoke herbal tea

Artichoke herbal tea

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Artichoke herbal tea

Among the different types of foods, plants and spices that can be used to give life to herbal teas beneficial to the organism there is the artichoke, a very tasty vegetable and for this reason it is widely used in the kitchen that boasts great properties in the medical field already known in Greek and Roman times.
As in the kitchen, also in herbal medicine the part to be used is the leaves of the artichoke where there is the highest concentration of cynarin, the substance from which the numerous medicinal properties of this vegetable derive. Other principles contained in the artichoke are flavonoids, inulin and mineral salts such as potassium and magnesium in particular.
The artichoke, whose scientific name is Cynara scolymus L., is a herbaceous plant of the Asteraceae family that is cultivated above all in the Mediterranean and in particular in Italy, France and Spain. This vegetable has been used in cooking and folk medicine since ancient times, while today the pharmacological sector is also exploiting its beneficial properties.

The artichoke herbal tea is particularly effective for purifying the body. The artichoke leaves, in fact, help fight abdominal bloating, promote intestinal peristalsis and detoxify the liver. The hepatoprotective capacity of the artichoke, in particular, is very useful in case of alcohol intoxication: the artichoke is able to reduce the presence of alcohol in the blood thanks to its diuretic function and to increase the metabolism of ethanol.The artichoke also helps the secretion of bile and medical studies have shown that, taking this vegetable regularly, you can increase the flow of bile up to 90% compared to normal levels.Also very important is the diuretic activity stimulated by the artichoke and made possible by the presence of flavonoids and mineral salts. This beneficial action on diuresis is very important for purifying the kidneysIn addition, the artichoke is very useful for lowering cholesterol and triglycerides, thus helping the cardiovascular system to function correctly and healthy and preventing the appearance of common pathologies against it.artichoke herbal tea: Warnings for use

One of the defects of the artichoke herbal tea is that it has a very bitter taste, typical of this vegetable: a disadvantage that can be easily remedied by sweetening the herbal tea with honey or sugar.
Another precaution of use, then, concerns those who are affected by gallstones: for these people it is better to abstain from excessive consumption of artichokes because this vegetable can increase the appearance of biliary colic, especially when you are in the presence of very small stones or fragmented.
Furthermore, the artichoke and also the herbal tea obtained from it are to be avoided during the period of pregnancy and lactation and also in all cases of excessive fermentation of bacteria in the intestine due to the high presence in the inulin artichoke.
Finally, it is to avoid the infusion of artichoke in all cases of allergy or intolerance to this food.


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