How to make crepe paper flowers

How to make crepe paper flowers

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How to make crepe paper flowers

The crepe paper flowers are very simple to create, inexpensive because the material used is not expensive, finally they make the environment cheerful and sunny due to their very bright colors. Creating crepe paper flowers is an ideal and relaxing pastime to do with children while being together and easy to explain. You can create single flowers or floral arrangements to be used for birthday parties, baptisms, weddings or as a table centerpiece for various occasions and to end up creating unique and special favors. Crepe paper is very simple to work even for the less experienced or for the little ones because it is elastic and hardly tears.
Initially, to avoid wasting sheets of crepe paper, you can try to create some flowers with newspaper or recycled paper, to acquire the manual skills necessary to create beautiful flowers. There are different varieties of flowers that can be created with this material, from simple lilies to beautiful roses that are much more processed.
The crepe paper is purchased in rolls, depending on the amount of flowers to be made you can calculate how many rolls you need, if the flowers chosen are large for every meter of crepe paper you can get about 3-4 flowers of 5-6 petals instead if they are tiny with the same amount of paper you can create 20-30 little flowers. To create gods paper flowers more real crepe and with different shades you can paint the paper with acrylic colors, once dry the result is truly spectacular, even if like real flowers they become much more delicate. paper flowers crepe can also be used to embellish walls, curtains, glove boxes, to create original lamps and many other things.

Required material

Crepe paper: green for the leaves, a color that is preferred to create the flower;
Scissors: to cut the paper with rounded tips;
Tronchese: to cut the wire, also a shear ideal;
Wireframe: to wrap the stems, we recommend green and different thickness depending on the size of the flower;
Adhesive paper tape;
Gutta-percha: green self-adhesive tape;
Nylon thread: to fix the stamens;
Glitter and beads of various colors: optional.

Create flowers and stamens

To form the flowers, cut strips of paper 50 cm long and 8-10 cm high, spread one side only with your hands, which will be the upper one by pulling the curl of the crepe paper and bending it externally. To create curls, with the help of wire or a pencil, roll the paper outwards and hold it for a few moments to give it the desired shape. Once this is done, take the strip worked and roll it up on itself, creating the shape of a flower, then close it with green paper tape.
The flowers can be created in different ways, you can cut out the petals using a mold designed on a cardboard, or you can create concave-shaped petals, pressing on the central part with your fingers and pulling outwards. Surely at the beginning the flowers, not being very expert, will not be very precise, but with a continuous training the result will be splendid.
To make the flowers more real, besides painting them with acrylic colors, you can create ribs using watercolors or rub the upper edge of the petal. To create the stamens cut a strip of fringed paper and fix it around the stem with the help of a nylon thread.
To give greater importance to the flowers created, you can insert inside the colored beads or glitter to create the pollen, and you can paste green glitter on the leaves to make them even more special.

Create the stem

To make the stem of the flower, take the wire of the chosen size and wrap it in a precise way with gutta-percha to avoid seeing parts of the wire.
Fix the stem to the flower, inserting it in the back and stop it with green adhesive tape, it is advisable to secure it well to prevent the flower from coming off.

Create the leaves

To create the leaves use the green crepe paper, cut out the desired shape and widen them a little to make them more real, for each flower it is advisable to create at least a couple. On the back, apply the iron wire fixed with paper adhesive tape, leave at the bottom of the leaf at least two centimeters of wire to be able to fix it in the stem under the gutta-percha. Once positioned on the stem mold them to your liking.

How to make crepe paper flowers: Crepe paper

The crepe paper to create these beautiful flowers can be purchased online, in stationery or even in stores that sell material and office stationery. In addition to flowers with paper crepe you can make many beautiful jobs, great to develop the manual skills of the little ones and to create original decorations that stimulate the imagination.
Crepe paper is sold in virtually all colors, yellow, pink, green, blue, orange and there are many different types, from professional to cheaper ones. To recognize its value we must look at the grams of the paper, which range from 60 to 200 depending on the quality: the more heavy the paper is, the more it is considered professional. However, the choice of the type of paper must be made based on the work we have to do and light paper is often better for light work.
As for the cuts of crepe paper instead, on the market there are mainly pieces of 50x250 cm.


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