Create crepe paper flowers

Create crepe paper flowers

Unfortunately it is not always possible to have the desired flowers available, either because the fresh ones have an important cost and a limited duration, or because not all flowers are available in every season.
Therefore a way to have a cozy home is to find alternatives, with synthetic flowers or crepe paper flowers.
Choosing crepe paper flowers means choosing the best value for money, but it is also an aesthetic choice, because if made, the crepe paper flowers can be very similar to fresh ones.
Furthermore, it is more satisfying to make objects with your own hands that will make the chosen environment graceful and very personal.
Making flowers on your own with crepe paper requires some time, a natural predisposition to manual work and few tools and materials:
- Stick glue
- Scissors
- Cotton thread
- Wire to make the stems
- Cardboard to make the petals models
- Crepe paper of different colors, generally it can be bought in stationery or in supermarkets in rolls of different lengths
- Other materials that vary depending on the type of flower you want to make.

The most classic of flowers, the rose

The realization of one of the most beautiful flowers that can be obtained from the manufacture of crepe paper is the rose, so pleasant to see as it is easy to make.
Red, yellow and orange sheets of crepe paper must be available, then a strip of rectangular crepe paper is obtained, which is 15cm high and 30cm long. The paper strip is folded in this way in an accordion until the strip length is exhausted, at this point the obtained strip is rolled up and the upper part is cut as if to replicate the shape of a rounded petal, in the same way we look for the central part of the roll and is cut along the two sides but not all the way down so that all the petals obtained are attached to each other even if for a rather short stretch.
Once the cutting operations have been carried out, the roll is unrolled and it can be verified that a strip of petals has been created, all connected to each other: starting from the smallest one must press at the center of the petal to deform the crepe paper and create a hollow, the petal slowly it will take on a convex shape similar to the petals of real roses and will create a thickness. Once all the petals are curved, proceed by using a knitting needle or a thin tubular shape to fold the ends of the petal outside, to simulate a petal of a bud that is about to hatch. Once the petals have taken shape you can roll the strip of petals around the already used knitting needle, when the whole strip is rolled the corolla is ready and only needs to be tied to the base to keep it firm, first with some cotton thread to fix it and then with a wire that forms the stem.
Then take some green crepe paper, cut a 10cm long and 7cm high stripe and triangles are cut out on the long side, then the strip is wrapped on the base of the flower made first from crepe paper and glued with stick glue. Now only the stem is missing, which must be covered with a thin layer of green crepe paper.

The sunflower

To make a sunflower it is necessary to use crepe paper, wire, a straw to make the stem, liquid glue, seeds or coffee beans and a polystyrene or cork disk with a diameter of 7-8cm and often about 1-2cm.
First of all, prepare the disc by applying the liquid coffee to the coffee beans or the dark seeds only on one side and let the glue dry.
Two shapes with the shape of the sunflower petals are cut out of the cardboard, one smaller and one larger, the shapes will be used to cut out fifteen petals for each dimension in the yellow crepe paper. Then proceed by gluing from the back the smaller petals so that they protrude along the entire circumference of the cork disk, making sure they also adhere to the thickness. Once the first round of petals is completed, proceed with the longer petals alternating with the smaller ones. To cover the back of the flower and construct the stem, cut out the green crepe paper using the large cardboard shape and apply the green petals, making sure they protrude slightly between the smaller yellow petals of the sunflower. The central rear part of the disk is glued later because the straw must first be inserted into which a wire must be passed, then the straw is blocked in the center of the disk, taking care to fold it slightly and cover with the green crepe paper to seal the back of the flower, finally cover the straw with green crepe paper to get the stem. On the stem leaves can be applied, they must be large and to be well supported it is advisable to overlap two layers of crepe paper, leaving a core of wire inside.

Create crepe paper flowers: Poppy

Poppy is a delicate flower that does not survive fresh even for a few hours, but is cheerful and has a simple line to make.
Proceed after having cut the pattern for the petal and prepare eight with the red crepe paper, they must be arranged in two crosses that must be overlapped 45 ° out of phase. A paper ball is then used around which the 20x2cm green crepe paper is wrapped to form the inside of the flower, the rest of the crepe paper is wrapped around the wire that shapes the ball inside and supports the flower stem.
Fringe a strip of green crepe paper to make the pistils, then position the petals and glue the pistils between the petals and the stem to seal the flower.