Garden furniture

Garden accessories

The pool is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful accessories ever. The pool needs a lot of maintenance and care to avoid damaging it. The pools can be inflatable, in rubber dinghies or covered in wood. The inflatables are comfortable for people who have a small space in the garden and cannot keep them fixed but have to mount them often. Even the inflatable pool is very simple to compose, light and easy to put on any type of surface. While the wooden one is too elegant, undoubtedly the most expensive, but creates a refined environment. Pool accessories are outdoor showers. Outdoor showers, or solar showers, are able to capture the sun's rays and produce hot water, excellent for getting wet first but also after entering the water. Instead cold showers are used in highly frequented systems where hot water supplies from solar showers would be insufficient. Connected to a special container, the cold shower can easily become solar.Outdoor pots

To give vivacity, joy and color to the garden or terrace the vases do just in our case. The vases can be of any shape, size and cost. The most economical are those in plastic, very easy to clean and resistant to strong sunlight. The plastic is undoubtedly very malleable but certainly not very elegant. If we want to give a touch of class to our garden, terracotta vases are ideal. Strong and resistant, they are able to enhance garden entry paths. While marble or glass vases are indispensable for very sunny and particularly hot environments. To avoid iron pots because in contact with the sun, they could cause serious damage to plant roots. Outdoor pots are perfect for any type of plant, even for fruit plants such as tomatoes or lettuce. The pots are preferred for a simple reason: they have the advantage of not dispersing the nutrients and help the farmers to always control the amount of water available for the plants.

Garden accessories: Planters

Planters are also an essential accessory for people who want to have flowers and plants on the balcony or in the garden. The planters are of different types, there are those in wood, iron, plastic and stone. The choice will fall on what is most appropriate for our garden. The wooden planters can be rectangular or square, they are easy to make independently but they are quite delicate, as either the rain or the sun's rays can damage them very much. In the gardens, stone planters are generally preferred because they are more resistant and more elegant to show. But even the stone, alas, is subject to damage, so to prevent it from being damaged, it needs good maintenance. Just get a brush and water to eliminate the sediments that over time could form large spots. The iron planters are very spacious and can be rectangular, circular or round. They can be purchased directly in stores that sell gardening equipment. Costs vary based on size. The most practical and comfortable of all are plastic planters. They do not spoil, do not need maintenance and do not deform.