Artificial flowers composition

Preliminary considerations

Artificial flowers allow you to furnish your home in a simple and at the same time elegant and refined way, with any style it is furnished. On the market there are various types, among which the main and most used are those of latex, modern and versatile, with very elegant and precious silk flowers and common dry artificial flowers. They can be easily found in all the big shopping centers, even if you want to buy more realistic and detail-rich pieces, it will be better to turn to specialized gardening and DIY centers. In addition to flowers, to perform an ad hoc composition, you will need a kit of very specific material, which includes latex foam to be placed on the bottom of the vase or container, scissors or sharp nippers to cut stems and shape the composition , ribbons, laces and all the ornaments used to embellish the various works, which can be dried fruit, berries, pine cones, twigs, shrubs, strands of grass and thin bamboo canes. To cover the empty spaces of the bottom, especially if you use a transparent or glass container, you can take advantage of colored balls, pebbles or pebbles. The maintenance of this type of flowers does not require big fatigue, it will be enough to pass on the composition the jet of a hairdryer kept at a low temperature and intensity to remove the dust and eventually gently rub a make-up remover disk with a little water and neutral soap on the parts particularly dirty, but being careful never to treat silk flowers with this method.

The steps to make a composition of artificial flowers

First you need to choose the right container. If the flowers are tall and voluminous, such as tulips, orchids and wisteria, the ideal vase is elongated in glass or wicker, depending on the needs, for flowers with lower stems or to make centerpieces, you will prefer a nice oval basket of straw or a ceramic tureen, for a retro look. Other interesting solutions are represented by old watering cans, tin boxes and ornaments decorated with decoupage. Once the container has been chosen, a suitable piece of floral foam will be placed on its bottom, securing it in place with hot glue or staples. Subsequently, the flowers will be inserted, making sure to arrange the taller ones on the bottom or in the center and placing those of smaller dimensions in the frontal part or around the first ones, for a perfect perspective effect of harmony. The empty spaces must be filled with herbs and other additional elements such as bamboo canes for the upper part, while with synthetic moss or stones and marbles in the base. The composition should be finished at will, with ribbons, laces and all that fantasy and taste suggest.

Composition of gerberas, mimosa and gladioli

This floral composition is ideal for decorating and decorating a rustic environment, because it brings with it all the scent and beauty of summer colors. Start with a bunch of latex or silk gerberas and tie the stems with an elastic band. This will be the main base. Inside the gerberas you will then insert some twigs of mimosa, trying to alternate the various flowers, and therefore the gladioli, which will have to be visible above all in the external part of the bouquet. When you are satisfied with the result, with the green floral ribbon you will cover the elastic on the stems. If desired, complete the whole by wrapping the floral ribbon further with two or three turns of a high lace ribbon, which ends with a soft and romantic bow. This beautiful bouquet will look great on a chest of drawers in the bedroom, but also in the dining room, placed in a clearly visible corner. In one move, the room will acquire a splendid light.

Artificial flowers composition: A composition for the bathroom

The bathroom can be embellished and made more welcoming by inserting a composition of artificial flowers inside. In this case, it will go to make a rather high one, to be placed at the corner of the mirror. First of all, you need to take a dozen colored or natural bamboo canes, at least one meter high, and tie about 20 cm from the base with matching floral ribbon, very firmly. Within these, roses of the preferred color will be inserted, but they are intoned with the color of the bamboo. In front of these, a series of begonias and irises will be placed, which are well suited to the romantic style of the composition. Care must be taken to always keep a basic harmony, without any flower being lost among the others and at the same time without the whole being overloaded with too many elements. If desired, the composition can be personalized in an original way by adding long peacock feathers, strands of grass and all that the imagination suggests. At the end of the work, it will be placed in a tall straw woven vase and it will be fixed to the bottom stopping the base of the bamboo canes with a layer of at least 20 cm of pebbles or gravel, so that it does not move. This composition fits perfectly into any type of bathroom furniture. An additional idea is to take up the main theme by creating smaller compositions to be placed elegantly on shelves or to adorn other elements, such as soap dishes or dispensers.