How to sow

Question: Can I sow dhalie?

I planted dahlias with a simple flower ... once dried I unplugged and opened a flower ... I found some black seeds inside them, making them dry out next year could they give me some new seedlings sown in springs?

How to sow: Answer: the sowing of dhalie

Dear Clary,
as with all flowers, dahlias also produce seeds; but the problems are various as regards the sowing of these plants. First of all, surely your dahlias were hybrids, so the seeds are not said to be fertile, and it is not said that from their seeding you will get plants with flowers identical to those from which you took the seeds. In addition to this, dahlia seeds are generally capricious, and even when they are fertile, they tend to germinate at different times; therefore many are sown in pots in spring, keeping only the most vigorous and large plants. Usually sowing occurs when the minimum temperatures are above 18 ° C, or the dahlias are sown in a warm bed, or with the seedbed in a sheltered place. However, consider that it will take at least a couple of years before your dahlias have a sufficiently developed tuber to be able to bloom; then in spring you will sow them, cultivate them for the whole good season, without seeing flowers, but only leaves. If you live in an area with very cold winters, the tubers in the autumn will be extracted from the ground; you will reposition them in the spring, to see the first flowers in summer. So to get flowers from your seeds you'll have to wait patiently for almost two years. Clear that the satisfaction of obtaining a flowering flowerbed starting from a handful of seeds is always great; add to this the fact that you could find flowers with particular colors.