Unused land

Question: Do I have to work the soil before using it for flowers?

I would like to plant some flowers in a rectangle of earth, the problem is that the soil is very dry because for many years it has not been worked, how can I make it suitable for growing flowers? Thanks

Wasteland: Answer: prepare the soil

Dear Michela,
although the ground itself tends to be generally quite fertile, it often happens that, close to the houses, the ground is often a few tens of centimeters, and rests on the sand, or on the remains of the construction of the house to which they are close; this fact, combined with years of wasteland, including trampling by humans and animals, make the land compact; if then in the area where you live the soil tends to be clayey, as well as compact your soil will also be almost water repellent, something that over the years makes it practically sterile. The answer is implicit in your question: the soil is dry, compact and not very fertile because it has not been worked for years. If there are no other problems, it will be sufficient to work it thoroughly, perhaps enriching it with manure. If it is a small piece of land, you can simply arm yourself with a pitchfork, and turn the sods upside down. I know from experience that it is not a light work, a very compact ground, which has not been worked for a long time, takes the consistency of the beaten earth, and the effort to break the clods is high. If the land is a lot, then you can rent a motor hoe, I assure you that it will lighten your work a lot. Motor hoes can be rented easily at DIY stores and some nurseries, the price is not prohibitive, and the rent can last even half a day. After breaking the clods, check the consistency of the soil: if it looks porous and soft, and it was simply the lack of cultivation that made it less fertile, shoot a good amount of manure on the ground, and work it with the rake, to level it. If, on the other hand, your soil contains large amounts of stones, then it is also appropriate to add fresh and fertile soil. Even here, if the terrain is small, a few bags of universal soil will suffice; if instead it is a large plot, then it is necessary to contact an excavation company, to buy a few cubic meters of fertile land; the same for the manure, or take a little in the bags at the nursery, or contact a farmer, who will bring you a tractor with a trailer. After having worked and enriched the soil well, you can cultivate what you prefer, obviously different plants depending on the exposure, the place where you live and above all your tastes.