Garlic of vessalico

Garlic of Vessalico is not only one of the most used ingredients in the Ligurian culinary tradition: it is also a fundamental ingredient of the Mediterranean diet, which uses the most genuine products grown in Italy. In addition to the celebrated Genoese pesto, with the garlic from Vessalico, Aii is made, a traditional garlic-based cream used to season the most diverse dishes, or even simple bread. In addition to garlic, the ingredients of this cream are egg yolks and olive oil; they should be crushed in a mortar just like with basil pesto: the mixture thus obtained is poured over vegetables, toasted bread or boiled potatoes. However, in addition to the more widespread culinary use, Vessalico Garlic is also excellent for its curative and medicinal properties, recently exploited also by phytotherapy, that is the branch of alternative medicine that exploits the properties of flowers, plants and herbs to cure more or less serious pathologies. In fact, Vessalico garlic is excellent for the prevention of tumors and hypertension, responsible, among other things, for strokes and heart attacks. Not only: it is also an excellent antibacterial that acts mainly on the intestine, purifying it and eliminating the parasites that can attack it.