Eucalyptus essential oil

Eucalyptus essential oil

Eucalyptus essential oil is a known and used herbal product, due to its therapeutic and healing properties. It can also be used as a disinfectant and decongestant.

Plant characteristics

The essential oil of eucalyptus is extracted from Eucaliptus Globulus, which belongs to the Myrtacee family, an evergreen plant, which can reach 80-90 meters in height. The tree is native to Australia, in fact the aboriginal populations of the place still use its leaves for treatment, as a real panacea for all ills. Very widespread also in other countries with a warm and tropical climate, in Italy it can be found in the southern regions, near sea areas. During the 1800s, eucalyptus plants were used in places infected with malaria and mosquitoes to reclaim the land, thanks to the ability to absorb large amounts of water and improve air quality. The name derives from the Greek word "Eucalyptos" which means "closed" and "hidden" and was used to indicate a characteristic of flowers, which are devoid of petals and enclosed in a membrane of leaves. The eucalyptus can reach up to two meters wide, the stem is characterized by a color that tends to blue and yellow. The leaves change color according to size and age, from pale to intense green. The flowers and buds have a very intense and balsamic smell. The parts of the plant used to produce the oil are the youngest shoots and the adult leaves, which are collected during the hottest months and dried in closed places in the dark. The extraction method used is that of distillation, which is obtained by evaporating the active ingredients through a stream of steam in large glass ampoules. The steam, once condensed, turns into a clear and transparent oil, with a very intense aroma.


One of the properties attributed to this essential oil is to stimulate the body and help concentration, improving learning abilities. On a physical level it carries out various actions including decongested, antineuralgic, antirheumatic and purifying actions. The active ingredients contained in the oil help to fight intestinal viruses and small seasonal ailments such as colds and coughs. A few drops of oil help to relieve the nasal and throat mucous membranes. Eucalyptus oil is also very effective against bacterial infections, especially those in the urinary tract. Eucalyptus has hypothermic properties, in fact it helps to control body temperature if you are subjected to frequent febrile states. Because of its particular aroma, the oil also has balsamic properties and can be used in cosmetic and therapeutic treatments.

Eucalyptus essential oil: Possible uses

The essential oil can be used pure or diluted in creams and other oils, it is enough to know with which products can better interact. A massage made with almond oil and a few drops of eucalyptus helps to relax the muscles and improve the circulation of the legs. Mixed in a water-based moisturizer, this product helps the skin to be more toned and compact. For internal use, a few drops of essential eucalyptus oil can be mixed with honey and a hot drink to help relieve the respiratory tract, especially when suffering from sinusitis and severe headaches. For topical use it is very useful against insect bites and wounds, in fact it helps reduce infections and swelling and disinfects, favoring the healing of the skin. For aesthetic use it helps to improve the appearance of blisters and sunburn, better if mixed with a gelatinous product. The application of 1-2 drops on the cold sores helps eliminate the rash. Eucalyptus oil is perfect for fumigation and gargle when it is influenced because it helps alleviate the symptoms.
It can be diluted in the shampoo as a precautionary treatment against the danger of lice. Used in water it can be used to wash if you suffer from cystitis or genital infections. If in the evening you suffer from swollen feet and chronic fatigue in the legs you can find relief with a foot bath in warm water with 10-15 drops of this oil. Eucalyptus essential oil can be very useful in summer when you suffer from heat stroke. Just apply 2 or 3 drops on the temples and wrists to immediately feel an improvement, or in the tub before bathing.
As with most essential oils there are also contraindications when this product is not used correctly or there is an overdose. Better to avoid using it with small children or pregnant women or if they are breast-feeding. It is not recommended if you suffer from intestinal and gastric disorders, excessive use can be toxic.
A few drops of oil can be placed in a diffuser for rooms to perfume the house, having also disinfectant properties, you can also clean the toilets and hobs. This product is also often used by the pharmaceutical industry as a basis for many medicinal preparations and ointments. In the kitchen it is used as an ingredient for a particular type of aromatic grappa.