Orange essential oil

Orange essential oil

The essential oil of orange can be considered a precious gift that nature grants us because it helps to solve several important problems.
It is obtained from the cold pressing of the orange peel that has not yet reached full maturity, is easily found in herbal medicine and has miraculous properties in many areas. There are two types that are distinguished on the basis of being made from bitter orange or sweet orange, between the two it varies the color, the perfume and the taste, but the active principles and the benefits are almost similar.
The squeezing process is very simple, it can be cold or with the press. In the first case we have a process of compression, through a special tool the fresh orange peels are pressed and this leads to the breakage of the olifere glands from which the essence mixed with water comes out, in a second time the water is also separated . The second method is squeezing with a hydraulic press. In this case it is possible to obtain a greater squeezing but of lower quality
The oil obtained from the first type of pressing is very concentrated and therefore only a few drops are needed to obtain the desired effect. Greater value is acquired if made from organically grown oranges.
Orange essential oil contains limonene, with known refreshing properties, and vitamins. Despite being purchased in herbal medicine, in its pure formula it can also be used in the preparation of desserts that thus acquire very pleasant fragrance notes and the typical taste of orange. A particular use is also as a simple deodorant for environments, in reality already the grandmothers were used to put orange peels in warm places for example above the fireplace, in this way the aromas contained in the orange peel were released and the rooms were fragrant.


In cosmetics it is now widely used especially against cellulite, in fact it manages to separate the toxins, drain the liquids and therefore attenuate the swelling due to the accumulation of liquids, a secret is to use a few drops of essential orange oil to the creams used daily to hydrate or to combat cellulite itself. For a safe effect it is instead necessary to apply a few drops of essential oil of orange (preferably slightly warmed) on the hands and perform circular massages on the critical points. This will help to drain the liquids and the subcutaneous fat that creates the hateful orange peel. If you are unable to perform the massage with a few drops of orange essential oil, you can dilute it with jojoba oil or sweet almond oil, the effects will still be noticeable and you will not waste the product. It can also be used effectively in the sauna, in this case the benefits will be 360 ​​° as it will also bring relief from anxiety and stress.
Beyond this cosmetic use, orange oil is also useful for toning and elasticizing the skin, therefore excellent for preventing wrinkles and the signs of aging.
When using on the skin it is necessary to have a single trick, or to avoid the use before exposure to the sun or to undergo tanning lamps, it is advisable to suspend the treatment already a few days before because the essential oil of orange is photosensitive and therefore you risk to find unsightly dark spots on the skin.
Excellent effects also on the hair in fact a few drops combined with the shampoo help fight dandruff and hair dryness because it has a high purifying and moisturizing power. You can also make a hair pack to keep on for half an hour before shampooing. The hair will be soft, shiny and hydrated, as well as pleasantly perfumed.

Orange essential oil: USE IN MEDICINE

The use in medicine is certainly the most relevant one. A first important property is that linked to appetite stimulation, this is why it is often used as an adjuvant in the treatment of anorexia.
Beyond this power, the essential oil of orange is also an excellent digestive because it increases the bile secretions also decreasing flautulence and spasms, just insert a few drops also in orange juice or simply in water.
A few drops of orange oil, added for example in the herbal tea, help to combine sleep in a completely natural way, in case of insomnia it may also be useful to insert a few drops in the aroma diffusers or make candles by adding this oil.
Taken orally, it increases the absorption of vitamin C, thus helping to prevent flu and colds. Orange essential oil is also recommended for cholesterol problems because it helps keep bad cholesterol levels under control. His contribution is also remarkable for establishing a correct balance of intestinal flora, useful both in the case of constipation and in the case of diarrhea.
The antiseptic and antimicrobial properties are also important, so it is also recommended to apply a few drops on the wounds.
Any use made of it, or in the diffusers, taken orally, in the bath water, with massages, its essence has a slight antidepressant power and improves mood.