Prune the olive trees

Question: when do olive trees are pruned?

when is the olive tree pruning period?

Prune the olive trees: Answer: prune the olive trees

Dear Giancarlo,
olive tree pruning is practiced at the end of winter, a little before the new shoots begin to develop, but when the minimum temperatures no longer show particular downward shifts; therefore the age of pruning varies from region to region, but also from year to year, depending on the succession of the seasons. Typically it is practiced starting from the second half of February, until late March; with obvious advances in the southern regions. The type of pruning then depends on many factors; often in the gardens you see olive trees pruned like in olive groves; in fact, if our olive tree has purely decorative purposes, and is located in a flowerbed in the garden, pruning will be carried out with the sole purpose of removing branches damaged by frost or weather, so as to avoid leaving dead wood and open wounds tree. Different is the pruning that is practiced in olive groves, which is carried out to favor a good balance between old wood and new shoots, good solar lighting of all branches, development not too high, replacement of old branches and balanced production of olives, which remains constant over the years. All these practices are carried out to encourage the production of olives, and they are not strictly necessary for good health and the correct development of the tree. So, if your olive tree is decorative in the garden, it may not even be necessary to prune any branch. Surely a fundamental operation consists in removing the broken branches, in order to be able to close all the possible scratches, tears, cuts present on the branches and on the trunk, so that they are not vehicles of fungal or bacterial diseases; to close these wounds, mastic is used for pruning, which consists mainly of vinyl glue and a broad-spectrum fungicide.