Rosemary essential oil

Rosemary essential oil

The Rosmarinus officinalis plant, better known as rosemary, belongs to the Labiate family; it grows in the form of bushes about one and a half meters high. This plant is widespread in our territory and in our culinary tradition thanks to its use as an aromatic plant for the recipes of Italian cuisine. In addition to the flavoring properties, however, rosemary has many beneficial properties for our body and our health and for this reason it is not uncommon to find it in phyto-therapeutic products, aromatherapy or body creams and lotions. In fact, as is known, rosemary has great powers in combating rheumatism, digestion problems, constipation and pressure problems.
Thanks to the steam distillation method, with which most of the essences are obtained, also from the leaves and flowers of the rosemary it is possible to obtain an oily and strongly perfumed substance with multiple uses.

The properties of rosemary essential oil

The essential oil extracted from the rosemary plant is characterized by its pale, almost non-existent yellowish color and by its intense fresh and penetrating fragrance. Moreover, thanks to the notes of wood and camphor in its smell, it is often used as a deodorant for rooms and for aromatherapy. In rosemary essential oil we find elements such as terpineol, pinene, cineol, limolo and camphor. Thanks to these last two substances, this essential oil plays an important role in fighting inflammation and in revitalizing our entire body. Furthermore, the presence of cineole makes this product an excellent assistant for the digestion of too heavy meals and to regularize the entire balance of our gastrointestinal system. Thanks to all the substances present the essence of rosemary is a good remedy against fatigue, liver problems, excessive production of cholesterol, and menstrual pain; it is also used to stimulate circulation and help those with low blood pressure problems. Finally, if applied directly to the skin it immediately gives a pleasant sensation of warmth, which is also why it is not uncommon to find its presence in oils to be used for the bath and shower that help maintain body heat even after leaving the tub.

Methods and uses of rosemary essential oil for health

The essence of rosemary can be taken either by external use with compresses or as a massage oil or by internal use, ie by drinking it or taking it along with other foods.
- For women who suffer from problems during the menstrual cycle due to an abundant or too low flow that causes abdominal pains, an excellent remedy can be given to taking a teaspoon of honey with two drops of rosemary oil.
- In case you are struck by a strong dysentery you can take care of yourself by taking a small sip of herbal tea prepared with a glass of hot water, 4 drops of oil and a teaspoon of honey. To achieve maximum effectiveness from this all-natural therapy the treatment must continue regularly for at least a month.
- If you need to detoxify your body and suffer from liver problems you can use a towel, soaked in 4 drops of oil with 250 ml of water, resting it on the belly area corresponding to the liver and covering it with a woolen cloth.
- If you suffer from joint and muscle problems you can use 250 ml of almond oil with 50 drops of rosemary oil as a massage oil. Relief is assured twice a day by treating the painful area with this mixture.

Rosemary essential oil for beauty and well-being

Rosemary essential oil, besides being useful in the treatment of many disorders of our body, is also excellent for the care of beauty and appearance.
- Immediately after practicing physical activity there is nothing better than a tonic bath. To get even more effect, just add 20-25 drops of rosemary essence to the water in our tub and stay immersed in the scented water for at least twenty minutes. Furthermore, for further effectiveness, after drying yourself, massage your back with a mixture of 5 drops of rosemary oil with a tablespoon of sweet almond essence.
- To combat dandruff and oily hair, a problem that afflicts most men, just use seven drops of essence diluted in a tablespoon of olive oil to massage the scalp before washing your hair.
- To combat hair loss instead you need to wash your hair with a shampoo not too aggressive mixed with two drops of essential oil. This will ensure that the leather has more blood pressure and the hair is healthier, brighter and stronger.
- Immersing hands and feet simultaneously in two basins with hot water and 8 drops of essence in each for at least a quarter of an hour can be of great help to women to combat the eternal threat of water retention.
- To combat the other eternal enemy of women, cellulite, you can use 10 drops of essence and a bit of cream dissolved in hot water for the bath, this will increase the spraying of blood in areas with stagnant tissues and will facilitate removal through the horsehair glove.
- Finally, for those who have trouble getting into gear in the morning and suffer from apathy and lack of vitality, just use 3 drops of essence with a dose of neutral bubble bath during the shower.

Rosemary essential oil: Precautions for use

The essence of rosemary is non-toxic and does not irritate as long as it is taken always diluted with water, other oils, or foods. However it is to be avoided in cases of pregnancy or if you suffer from epilepsy. In any case, given the strong effect that the essence of rosemary has on the organism and in particular on pressure and circulation, before starting to use it frequently or for internal use or for external use it is advisable to consult your doctor and evaluate with him the possible complications and consequences.