Wedding compositions

Wedding compositions

The big day has arrived: the dress is ready to be worn, the church booked, the favors chosen, the dream location for the festivities, fixed: only the flowers are missing!

Where to start

Finding the right flowers for our wedding is never a particularly simple choice. Unless you rely on a wedding planner - a very popular profession in recent years - that will guide us in choosing the right flower for us, we need to do some careful consideration: what season do we get married? What time of day? Will the wedding be more urban style more rural or more romantic? What will be the dominant color of the day? They seem trivial questions, but answering these simple questions carefully will help us have clearer ideas and make the right choice for us and our guests. At first it will seem like getting lost in the infinite sea of ​​the proposals that will be suggested to us, and choosing will seem impossible, but in reality proceeding by 'elimination' has always been the simplest thing and will help us not to make mistakes. First of all, it is very helpful to choose a theme for our event. The theme can be given by a color, or by a subject (for example a fruit, a butterfly, a small object that has a high symbolic value for us). Once the theme is chosen, flowers and decorations will naturally all be coordinated.

For a DIY effect

Once the theme is chosen, the road will be all downhill! First of all, it must be borne in mind that when we talk about flowers we mean not only the bride's bouquet, but also the bride's own house, the door from which she will come accompanied by applause, the decorations in the church, the decorations of the restaurant or the villa of reception: everything will be coordinated and carefully chosen. Unless we rely on an experienced florist, who will know exactly how much to choose the flowers and where to place them, it will be good to keep in mind, that a large part of the flowers - at least a third - will be reserved for the position of the spouses and witnesses, protagonists absolute of most of the photographs. Another good part will be placed on the altar behind the priest (or in the case of a civil marriage behind the celebrant), on the benches of the guests, at the entrance to the church. A small flower - naturally combined with the rest of the decorations - will also be put on the jacket of the groom, of the bride's father, and of male witnesses. If the bride's hairstyle includes fresh flowers, it is good that they are also coordinated with the rest of the decoration. Small compositions, perhaps in the form of placeholders - guests can also take home - will be placed on the restaurant tables. Even without the help of an expert it is possible to obtain excellent results: just take care to tie the cut flowers - the bare stem is impressive - with a ribbon matching the color of the bride's dress, or strongly contrasting , and use the small cylinders - glass or ceramic - as a placeholder inside which a synthetic sponge will have been placed. A very nice alternative to flowers, but to be used only in the case of a more 'country' wedding, is to choose small vases with inside the plants. The choice of aromatic herbs is very original, but also of small lavender plants which, in addition to a fresh and irresistible fragrance, evoke an absolutely unique atmosphere.

Which flower to choose

Unless you have a 'flower of the heart', the one we love the most, or that reminds us of important moments, it is good to know which type of flower fits the style of our wedding, and above all the budget we have given ourselves : if in fact seasonal flowers are chosen the costs will be significantly lower, vice versa if you choose an exotic flower, or in any case not present in the season in which the ceremony will be celebrated, it will be necessary to turn to a flower importer with a noticeable rise in costs and delivery times. Once you have decided on the flower that will accompany the most beautiful day of our lives, you must still keep in mind the following indications: roses are recommended in the case of a more classic and romantic wedding and are usually used in combination with other flowers, like the famous 'mist'; the peonies are a very rich, opulent and elegant flower, give a touch of sentimentality, and if chosen in shades of pink, enriched with ribbons, accentuate the romantic tone of the ceremony. Indicated for a rustic-style wedding, it is the sunflower: an explosion of color and joy, immediately brings to mind the summer and its endless days. Daisies, a flower that immediately evokes joy, is usually used in the richest ceremonies of young, more casual: they express joy, joy, and are usually combined in composition with berries, branches, branches, fruit. Always the most used in ceremonies, for its transversal aspect and long and regular stem, is the tulip, of which it is better to prefer the species with the elongated bud.

With the help of the florist

If we choose to rely on expert hands, of course the costs will rise a little more, but we will certainly have one less thought and the guarantee of a job done in an absolutely professional manner. It will, however, be necessary to give the trusted florist precise information about our tastes, our needs, and not to be afraid of contradicting him or appearing stupid: it is our party, and we have the right to have everything be perfect!