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Garden equipment

Garden equipment

If you are passionate about gardening and want to keep your garden in good condition, then you certainly can't miss out on some specific useful tools for this pleasant and relaxing practice. Having the right tools will not only save you time and effort, but will also help your garden to remain well-maintained, healthy, vigorous and resplendent. You certainly can't miss the chance to make your friends or neighbors die of envy!


More than anything else, we need to organize ourselves as well as possible. Good management of the organization will ensure that maintenance is easier and more practical, saving you hours of work and stress. At the same time the maintenance of your lawn, your hedges and the flowerbeds will certainly be pleasant.
Disorder creates havoc and discontent; work times increase and above all fatigue with the consequence that naturally the enthusiast gradually withdraws leaving the chaos to take over his garden, and the more time goes on, the more the disorder will grow, the more difficult it will be to restore a satisfactory situation of initial decorum. A wise advice? Preserving one's garden has meanings that go far beyond the simple external order.
A useful, indeed indispensable, suggestion is to set up a place where you can store used items, such as your work tools. It could be a tool shed, a garden shed or a small warehouse: they can house bulky tools keeping them dry and in the air, preventing them from deteriorating. It is possible to buy for example a wooden structure in the most common garden centers at prices ranging from a minimum of 700 euros to a maximum of 2000 euros, based on volume, material and sizes. Many prefer to invest this money in another way, setting up a shed with riveted sheet metal structures for the walls and light roof tiles. The important thing is to make sure that these places are well ventilated and dry, otherwise your tools could suffer from too much wear. In fact, a room with good air circulation will allow your instruments to avoid rust, which is very dangerous for the metal parts of hedge trimmers and lawn mowers, but also for those of spades, rakes etc. Furthermore, most garden tools have wooden parts which, although well-worked and resistant, should be protected against atmospheric phenomena to avoid rotting and swelling. A good warehouse for your tools will also preserve them from the wear and tear of weather phenomena such as rain, snow, hail and frost. ---
However, the choice is yours; the important thing is to have a place in which to preserve at best and with care all the tools that will be useful to take care of your garden in the best way
Keep in mind that with a simple expenditure of initial money, you will drive away the future problem of spending more money in the eventual repair of your equipment or even in the new purchase of all your precious instruments.
A garden shed in which to keep your work tools can also accommodate all other items useful for the care and maintenance of your garden: specific products (fertilizers, seeds, bulbs, pesticides, soil, gloves, boots and aprons) and the less specific ones, but which somehow still need to be maintained!


Among the main garden tools, we can count:
Essential tool to keep the garden tidy. Equipped with an internal combustion engine (in some cases even electric), it will guarantee a lawn always tidy and tidy!
It is a tool that mounts an engine able to move an oscillatory mechanism that cuts the blades of grass quickly.
Motorized tool useful for the care and maintenance of hedges. It should generally be used twice each year


Of course, in addition to the most frequently used main instruments such as lawnmowers, lawnmowers and hedge trimmers, an incredible amount and variety of commonly used equipment is available to help with the routine maintenance of your beautiful garden.
Within the most common garden centers or DIY and DIY stores you will find them available in a rich and varied assortment, for all tastes and needs, of all qualities and sizes and for all budgets. You must however be careful not to fill yourself with useless objects that you would never use: draw up a list of the most useful objects and mark the frequency of use, or its absolute absence next to each name. After that, make a reasoned skimming and you will get as a result only a simple list of objects that can really be useful in the care and maintenance of your personal garden. The job is also in the selection and selection of the most appropriate tools! Make a selection of your needs, and you will see that you cannot go wrong when you enter the shops of the sector. This way you will avoid filling the cart with useless tools that will never be used, and that will only be a footprint.
Below we will list those that generally cannot be missing in a respectable gardener's shed, so as to help you on the shopping list.
Rake: very useful tool for harvesting cut grass.
Sickle: impossible not to have it. Allows you to manually mow areas that cannot be reached by power tools.
Gardening scissors: will make pruning of flowers and branches of hedges very easy.
Now that you know all the tools of the trade, you just have to oil your elbows and start!