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Ficus with problems

Ficus with problems

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Question: what happens to my ficus?

On the occasion of our transferring to a house with a very large hall, my mother-in-law has decided to give me her 5/6 years old ficus with a rather large size (about 170 cm high - more than 100 cm in diameter), a plant which, due to its size, had been relegated to the landing and, although it had light because near a window with frosted glass, it suffered from heat / cold depending on the season.
From mid-April we placed it in the house, near a window where it receives so much light but not the direct Sun since the window is to the north-east. We give it water only when we feel it well dry even below the surface and we fertilize once every 3 weeks with liquid fertilizer for indoor plants (DUECI). The plant seemed to have settled well as it made so many new shoots and shoots.
In August we went on vacation for 2 weeks and, to prevent it from remaining in complete darkness, we moved it to the landing, near a window with the same lighting conditions compared to the one at home (the window faces the same side, taking then the same light) A ns nearby gave her some water after about 10 days. Surely you will have just a little more warmth but once you get back we found it well. We have put it back in its place but now the plant, although it continues to have new shoots, has begun to lose several leaves that, before falling fall with yellow and then dark patches. At the nursery they told me that he could have suffered from the change in temperature and lack of fertilizer and they told me to resume treating it as before, telling me that it is natural but the fall did not stop and also involved some of the leaves more small freshly made.
The leaves always fall from the lower part of the branch but I'm starting to worry because it's very beautiful and I wouldn't want to lose it! I have pictures but I can't attach them
Thank you for your help

Ficus with problems: Answer: move ficus

Dear Catherine,
your ficus shows a clear suffering that can derive from several factors.
I doubt that this is a shortage of fertilizer, as you were absent only for two weeks, and in such a short period of time it is unlikely that the soil has completely emptied of the minerals needed for the growth of your plant. In my opinion the problem is rather related to the move to two places that perhaps have the same brightness, but not the same humidity level as the air; or on the landing your ficus received too much air. Unfortunately ficus cultivated "in captivity" tend to become quite bizarre, and do not like to be moved frequently; sometimes even the fresh air causes the loss of the foliage, and it is enough to leave a window open a little more than usual to trigger the problem. If it were a problem due to the two weeks spent in a slightly different place, I think the fall of the leaves should stop on its own, as it began. But it could also be that by staying on the landing your plant has been attacked by a parasite, such as mites: by looking carefully at the underside of the leaves you should notice tiny little insects, gathered near the veins. It could also simply be that in the period of your holiday the climate changed abruptly, and very sensitive, so that it became much colder or much warmer, causing the plant to suffer.


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