Christmas compositions

Christmas compositions

The Christmas compositions are beautiful and impressive, decorating the house in the most beautiful period of the year. Simple or sophisticated, they are a great gift idea to make a good impression.

Floral arrangements

The floral arrangements for Christmas can be made with real or fake flowers, with plants and other elements such as berries, intertwined branches, cockades and bows. On the market there are all types and sizes, during the Christmas period new proposals always come out to be original and in theme with the party. Some compositions can also be transformed into a real piece of furniture or containers can be used, often baskets and glass jars, for other purposes. They are an excellent gift idea for friends and family, but they are also a piece of furniture to keep at home to decorate the living room or table in a Christmas theme. The most used flowers are poinsettias and roses, the latter declined in the most trendy colors during the holidays, red and blue. Very white flowers are also very fashionable, embellished with plastic beads or silver glitter, not to mention the materials used to make them. They range from the classic wicker basket, to transparent or colored vases, a simple carved sponge and twisted branches to create real natural sculptures. The fake compositions do not require particular attention, just keep them away from heat sources and above all prevent children from approaching, especially if there are small decorative elements. Real compositions made with plants or cut flowers need water to last as long as possible. Where present, you can wet the sponge that holds the flowers still, with a little water every now and then, using a glass. If there is no real base, it is better to put the night on the balcony of the house, in a bucket with some fresh water inside.

Customize the flowers

Often in the home there are flowers and other elements that could be used to make a Christmas composition, but which have little to do with Christmas. With a little imagination, you can customize furnishing elements that are no longer used to create a perfect Christmas composition. Instead of using a vase you can use wicker baskets, the one where you put the fruit or metal trays inside and lay the flowers inside. With angel wires or beads, which are usually used to decorate the Christmas tree, you can embellish the basket, creating small waves or weaving the threads together on the edges of the basket. If you are particularly good at it, you can also create tree-shaped or Santa Claus shapes with cloth and fix them with hot glue. When the color of the flowers is not very convincing, they can be colored red or blue. There are various techniques for coloring fabric or plastic, it also depends on the final effect you want to achieve. If the flowers are made of fabric, it is better to use suitable paint or paint, otherwise you can also use gold or silver spray cans. Finally, the touch that will make the composition created from nothing special will be the glitter. At Christmas, usually, the more things shine the better, for this reason it is broad with every color, to be spread on the flowers when the painting is still fresh. To trim the petals only you can put the purl in a plastic plate and put the inverted flower inside, making only the edges touch. At the end, once the flowers have dried, just spray a bit of hairspray to fix the glitter and do not spread it all over the house. A red bow or ribbons rolled up on themselves will complete the composition.

Christmas compositions: Create a centerpiece

Between Christmas compositions the most impressive is the centerpiece, to show off during lunches and party dinners. You can create decorations of all kinds, according to the style of the table and how it was set. On a red and romantic table, poinsettias will be perfect, joined together to form a sort of single large flower. Just put a flower in the middle of a tray and arrange around other smaller flowers until you create a half ball. The tray can be left simple or decorated with pine cones, red berries and sprigs of butcher's broom. On an elegant and sophisticated table, instead, you will be able to put shiny and transparent elements, such as candles and crystals, all surrounded by white roses and some green leaves. Just choose roses not yet bloomed or even fake white satin flowers, combine them in the shape of a bouquet and place them in a low transparent glass vase, where you can put white candles or colored filaments. You can also create a wreath-shaped centerpiece with fir branches, rosettes and wildflowers. Once you have created a circular skeleton with wire, just weave around the green part and the flowers and then tie it all together with a bow. There are no limits to imagination and creativity, you just need a little time and patience.