Wedding decorations

Wedding decorations

Whether it is a religious or civil ceremony, it does not matter. The decorations are in both cases a fundamental element for the church or common decoration. With an eye on trends for 2013.

Matter of style

Everything revolves around the bride and the style on which she intends to mark the most beautiful day of her life. There are those who prefer white and those who opt for lively and lively tones. The good florist, once established the theme of marriage, with competence and imagination will choose the most suitable flowers for the season and will realize floral arrangements that will create a magical and romantic atmosphere.
The decorative choices are not a negligible detail because they enrich the various settings of the ceremony and will remain indelible in the photographs and videos that will be made during the day. There are mainly two scenarios to consider: the place where the ceremony takes place (church or municipal hall) and the place where the reception is held.

Trends 2013

2013 starts with romance and vintage. A little for the crisis that requires saving money everywhere and a little for the whims of fashion, this year we tend to look for smaller and less sophisticated floral compositions. Compatibly with the color of the bride's dress, pretty bouquets are made with roses, hydrangeas and lavender.
The wedding dresses of several designers are of a clear vintage style and an idea to favor this style is to use retro cages, perhaps in Provencal style, with which to enrich the settings, starting of course from the ceremony. If this takes place in the evening and the corridor of the church is wide enough, you can create a sort of path to the altar. Just fill the cages with fresh flowers and candles.
The colors of 2013 are pastel colors like powder pink, light gray, pale yellow, pale coral, anise, sky blue.
The lace, despite being decidedly traditional, knows again and it is authorized to put it everywhere, from napkins to placemats. Furthermore, candle holders and crystal petals can be used in moderation to create ingenious plays of light.

At the restaurant

At the end of the actual ceremony we celebrate the happy event with relatives and friends. In order for everything to work for the best, the right atmosphere must be created and this task is up to the decorations. First of all it is necessary to choose the tablecloth. The solutions in this regard are varied: from the refined and elegant style of ivory and purple to the modern style of salmon pink, pastel green and midnight blue.
The centerpiece can be a beautiful floral composition in keeping with the color of the tablecloth and in line with the style of marriage and the spouses. Focusing on seasonal flowers, you spend less and don't run the risk of not being able to find the necessary quantity. The most popular varieties are daisies, orchids, peonies, peach flowers and gladioli. The creative bride can opt for a composition of succulent plants and decorate it herself with glitter, ladybugs, butterflies and other decorations for sale in specialized shops. Orienting yourself on the vintage style you can use retro cages filled with fresh pastel dyed flowers and decorated with lace ribbons.
For some years now, fruit decorations have been in vogue, particularly suitable for restaurant buffets. To make real sculptures you can use pineapple, easily mouldable. Grapes are also suitable for the purpose because they do not spoil much. The important thing is to be careful not to exaggerate with the volume of the centerpieces so as not to run the risk of hindering conversation from one side of the table to the other. If you decide for a wedding with a yellow color you can make romantic combinations using lemons combined with white flowers.
With fruits and vegetables you can also create original, romantic and suggestive creations. In summer the watermelon can be used to engrave it with roses. Then you can use fennel and radishes to turn them into calla lilies, roses and sunflowers. If, on the other hand, the mythological theme is preferred, cornucopias can be made by engraving pumpkins. Fennel, radishes and melon are useful to turn into beautiful flowers to decorate the tables.
Special attention must be paid to preparing the bride and groom table, the protagonists of the day. You can decorate with garlands of lilies and white roses and opt for a centerpiece consisting of an iron structure covered with pink and white roses.
A romantic and original decoration is inspired by the theme of the sea. The white tablecloths contrast with the bright colors of the decorations among which the red corals stand out. In this case the guest tables can be embellished with shells and starfish.

Wedding decorations: Bocciati

To be sure not to make a mistake, it is good to avoid all those decorations that leave an unpleasant feeling of "eyesore". So the sobriety takes the place of gold and silver but also of that graphic style and too geometric.
All those accessories that look too cold and that go well with romanticism are forgotten: metal, iron, leather and steel elements. They were part of a vaguely kitsch style that today is no longer in fashion.
Sobriety and simplicity mark the end of the era of all that is too refined as mixed and too pompous floral compositions.
Finally, since it has been abused too much, beige and anthracite gray are definitely to be overlooked.