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It is a long-lived and imposing tree, up to 40 meters high, with a slender trunk covered with a smooth and dark gray bark, which supports many branches arranged horizontally.
The leaves are bright dark green and have a rounded margin.
The fruits appear as cylindrical and compact pine cones, arranged in the apical portion of the plant, of a color that changes from light green to dark brown.
It requires a deep, fresh and well-drained soil, and an exposure in bright areas of the garden.
It prefers environmental conditions with considerable humidity and tolerates the cold well.
It is a very long-lived deciduous tree, deciduous, consisting of an imposing and columnar stem, up to 30 m high, covered by a smooth and shiny bark, of a greyish-brown color.
The leaves have a lanceolate shape with a serrated edge and a sharp apex, with an alternate arrangement, and form a thick and rounded crown.
The male flowers are white and gathered in glomerulus-shaped inflorescences; the female flowers only isolated and wrapped in numerous bracts.
The fruit, brown and glossy, has a rounded shape with a pointed apex and a convex base.
It is the chestnut, enclosed in a green and thorny shell called hedgehog, which opens when fully ripe.
It requires a fresh and deep soil, with an acid and never calcareous component.
It is an ornamental tree, with a thick crown and a rounded shape, with a slender and columnar trunk, up to 25-30 meters high.
The leaves are heart-shaped, with a serrated edge, of an intense green color, with alternate insertion.
The flowers are small, inconspicuous and very fragrant whitish inflorescences.
The fruits are seed-rich capsules.
It must be exposed in full light, in fertile, well-drained, deep soils, enriched with peat, humus and clay.
It bears pollution and is well adaptable.

It is an evergreen shrub, up to 5-8 m tall, used to form hedges; it has a semi-woody stem, with elongated, glossy leaves, with continuous margins, very fragrant due to the presence of resin-secreting glands.
The male flowers are yellow, the female ones are white, small.
The fruits are black drupes.
It requires a compact, well-drained, fertile soil, enriched with organic substance.
It must be exposed in well-sunny environments, and at temperatures never below zero.
It is a shrubby plant, evergreen and flowery, very decorative due to the presence of yellow flowers.
It has a semi-woody stem, height up to 10 15 meters, which supports bipinnate leaves, dark green, very delicate.
The flowers are gathered in flower head inflorescences, with a soft and feathery appearance, very fragrant, of an intense yellow and golden color.
The flowering is early, but does not last long: from January to March.
The fruits are dark legumes, containing a large quantity of seeds.
It requires a deep, well-drained soil with an acid component and enriched with peat, humus and sand.
It must be positioned in sunny areas and at mild temperatures (never below 15 degrees).
2 fertilization cycles must be carried out: in spring and in autumn.

It is a herbaceous plant with a bushy, erect and branched stem, up to a meter high, which supports dark green oval leaves.
The flowers are gathered in simple and double head flower heads, white, yellow, orange, pink, red, with a striking and decorative appearance.
It lives well on any type of terrain, prefers sunny areas and warm temperatures, which should never fall below ten degrees.
It must be watered regularly and fertilized at least once a month, using a liquid fertilizer, rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.
It is used to set up colored flowerbeds or borders, but also containers, as it lives well packaged.
It is a herbaceous plant with a rigid stem covered with thorns.
It has lobed leaves with an oval shape and inserted into three or five numbers on a thorny central branch.
The flowers are characterized by a corolla with brightly colored petals (white, pink, red), of fleshy consistency, very fragrant.
Flowering continues throughout spring until early summer, reaching its peak in May.
It requires fertile and well-drained soils, enriched with peat and humus.
It is a very suitable plant to create flower beds, borders, or to fill decorative vases.
It is a herbaceous flowering plant, consisting of a slender stem, up to 1 m tall, dark green in color, with lance-shaped leaves with alternate insertion.
The flower has a corolla with distinct petals, fleshy, with a rounded or pointed shape depending on the variety, and white, yellow, pink, red, very fragrant.
It requires a well-drained and fertile soil, preferably with a basic and never clayey component.
It must be exposed in sunny and warm areas, because it fears the cold.