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Gazebo for terraces

Gazebo for terraces

Not everyone is given the privilege of having a fantastic terrace, perhaps panoramic, overlooking the rooftops of our city, on a hill as far as the eye can see, or on the endless sea.

For the lucky ones

Those lucky enough to enjoy this fantastic luxury are spoiled for choice in how to make their terrace even more beautiful, more welcoming, unique in the world. And often a gazebo can be an ideal solution not only to make our summer evenings more enjoyable or to protect September lunches from the scorching sun, but also to isolate us from the prying eyes of the neighborhood, to give us a little privacy, in other cases still to expand the surface of our house, recreating a real living room outside it. If our living room borders on the terrace through large windows or sliding doors, it is enough to open them up completely and the game is done: you will go from the outside to the inside of the house without interruption, in a fluid manner, without perceiving the diversity of the environments. But let's get to the gazebo: how to choose it? What material? Where to buy it?

For a series A gazebo: metal or wood

Like every time we prepare to make an important purchase for our house, it is advisable to carefully evaluate not only the quality of the product we intend to buy, but also the space where we intend to place it, estimate how and how much the object in question fits to the look of our house, and how much it reflects our personality. Our home always speaks of us, so it is good that it reflects the harmony that exists between us and the objects we love to surround ourselves with. What is our house like? Does it have a more romantic or more modern style? More country or more minimal? Just answer these simple questions to make our choice easier and be sure not to make mistakes. If, for example, our home has a more romantic style, it is possible to find your way around a wrought-iron gazebo. They are usually black, or left in a gunmetal color; the metal is worked according to a liberty taste: dynamic and fluid lines from whose undulations come to life figures that reproduce the world of flowers and plants, recreating very suggestive decorations. More rarely the iron gazebos are made according to geometric patterns. However, in both cases they are covered with large white canvases that convey a sense of freshness and diffuse light. Recently, the tendency is to prefer pvc covers, which are lighter, easier to assemble, and above all more resistant to atmospheric agents, to which our gazebo will inevitably be exposed. The cost of this type of product, sold in outdoor furniture stores, but also easily online, is between 1,500 and 1,800 euros. A certain amount that is not very contained, but that guarantees a resistant product of undisputed quality. If we love to surround ourselves with colors from essences, our choice must fall on the father of all the gazebos: the wooden one. This is the most traditional of the gazebos, available in all the warm colors of the wood, usually covered with a cloth in natural fiber or PVC. Unlike the iron ones mentioned above, this type of gazebo often comes in a more verandated form: in addition to the four side pillars that support the roof, they have lateral sides that tend to further circumscribe our space. These small scenes serve not only to shield our living room en plein air, but allow the climbing plants to move freely and expand their perfumes and colors to the fullest. This model is in fact preferred by those who have a green thumb and are looking for a 'supernatural effect'. Wood, while retaining its all-natural appearance, is naturally adequately treated to withstand the most violent atmospheric agents as well as the fading induced by UV rays. On the market in the best shops and even on specialized sites, you will find all the prices: from 5-600 euros to go up. Naturally the size of the gazebo and the quality of the raw materials used are decisive for defining the final price. But it is usually worthwhile to make a small initial investment to find a product that lasts over time.

Gazebo for terraces: Plastic and aluminum for a cheaper gazebo

The latest generation materials, we know, are extremely cheap and all the objects in which they are made are - automatically - very competitive on the market. The same goes for the gazebos too. If we have a smaller budget but don't want to give up our outdoor living room, we must turn our attention to the gazebos made of plastic or aluminum. Usually they are very light structures, therefore less suitable for resisting violent showers or sudden gusts of wind, but still sufficiently safe if installed according to the indicated standards. More intended for a functional use than for embellishment, this type of gazebo normally does not have great aesthetic pretensions: it is simple, linear, without flourishes or decorations, minimal in its essence. It is used to shield, to make shade, to protect from the sun that beats, to give a fresh oasis. The undisputed advantage of this type of gazebo (a plastic model can cost even around 35 euros, those of aluminum do not exceed 200 euros) lies in the fact that these are ephemeral structures, destined to be dismantled after the period of use and which are easily stored, even in a small closet. If we have great aesthetic claims, of course, they are not our ideal choice, but in the end it is enough to settle for a while. This type of product is also available in outdoor furniture stores or DIY stores, but of course it can also be purchased online.