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Watermelons, or watermelons, are large fruits with a particular red pulp, very fresh and refreshing, which are consumed in summer.
They belong to the family of cucurbits, such as melons, pumpkins and courgettes; the similarity with these plants can already be seen from the small flat and pointed seeds at one end. Watermelons are grown in a fresh and very well drained soil, well worked, placed in a very sunny place for most of the day. They are sown directly at home, or more often they are planted with small plants that have already developed at least 3-4 true leaves.
The annual plant grows more than a square meter, so let's remember to place the young plants well spaced; they are grown watering the plants regularly; but letting the soil dry well between one watering and another.
It is important to keep the soil well-hoed, eradicating any weeds present.
When the fruit is about to reach maturity, watering is thinned to prevent it from storing too much water, causing a not very intense flavor of the pulp, and sometimes even breaking the outer skin, with consequent rotting of the fruit.


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