Onions are small annual herbaceous plants, of which we eat the fleshy leaves, which tend to swell towards the base of the plant, forming a bulb of various sizes.
They are cultivated in the garden, the cultivation in pots is not recommended, since they require a good amount of space.
The soil must be rich and thoroughly worked; we can plant small sprouted seeds, which have already produced no long leaves, or seeds directly, or we can still plant the bulbs of the previous year.
In any case we remember that it is good to maintain a good distance between the future onion plants, which also depends on the use we want to make: for small onions, to be picked fresh, it is good to keep at least 7-8 cm of distance between plants; as for the large onions to be kept throughout the winter, it is good to cultivate them with at least 15-20 cm of distance from each other, to be able to intervene over time eliminating any weeds, and also tucking the bulbs with the earth, to keep them in the dark.