Apartment plants

Fake fat plants

Fake fat plants

Artificial succulents compared to real ones are easy to manage, as they do not need too much maintenance, just a dusting with a soft cloth and they are new again. Hygienically they are perfect, they do not turn yellow, they do not get dirty with flowers or dry leaves, they do not emit bad odors, they do not rot and do not need to be watered, therefore their pots will never leave halos of water on the floors or shelves and to finish the earth it will not dirty any surface, they are certainly ideal for environments with the presence of children or animals. Ecological plants can be considered because in addition to not needing water and various maintenance, such as pruning, fertilizing, repotting and use of pesticides, they do not even need lighting and heat sources, so savings are ensured in all sectors. For greater environmental safety, it is advisable to check that the material used to make them is non-toxic, especially those made of plastic or rubber. The artificial succulents can have different types, sizes and heights, and can be used in very different environments, for example in the apartment, on the terrace, in the office, in shopping centers and in various shops, from food to clothing. Types of succulents can be used to create different sets, to set up exhibition spaces, ceremonies or simply as table centers. There are periods of the year where fake plants are more popular than natural ones, such as during Christmas, Valentine's Day and other special holidays, as they are used for various decorations or as a gift to give away.

Hanging ornamental plants

The artificial fat plants and ornamental ones are usually classified in those of furnishing, of variable dimensions, used in the dining rooms, kitchens and living rooms. They are very large and fill the spaces creating a natural environment. The most suitable are those belonging to the family of Cactaceae, Euphorbiaceae etc ... which can have heights up to 170 cm and are characterized by their bright green, but also those of small and medium-sized comfortable to furnish shelves or furniture may be fine. To finish in the most modern environments, those belonging to the Agaveaceae family are more suitable.
The hanging and artificial succulents are endowed with an extraordinary beauty and therefore suitable to be used on balconies and terraces, placed in vases suspended from the ceiling, baskets or baskets, but they are also appreciated for furnishing kitchens and bathrooms, resting on shelves or corner cupboards. Their elegance makes them suitable to be placed at any point, creating a refined and particular environment. Sedum burrito, a plant native to Mexico, is certainly one of the most appreciated on the market for creating very important green areas, as its shape, if left hanging, makes it spectacular.

Climbing plants

The artificial climbing plants, being very extensive and particular, are usually used to embellish terraces, window sills, to set up shop windows and very large spaces that are difficult to furnish. The most used plants are the Carpobrotus, characterized by very climbing bushes, the Sedum with a bush-like structure and clustered, cob-like or solitary flowers in the shape of a star and to finish the Lampranthus with a very showy ground cover structure.

Flowering plants

The artificial fat plants a fiore are the most beautiful to furnish, as they give the room a fascinating design. Their particularity in the materials used, in creating the splendid flowers with bright colors, makes the solar environment elegant. It is advisable to check the quality of the fabrics used for the production of the flowers and the plastic materials to create the plants, as in addition to being non-toxic, they must reflect the real ones, otherwise we would risk creating tacky environments, because the plants that do not give that feeling of real, create an unpleasant environment. In fact, the closer they are to botanical ones, the more they will have style and finesse. Unfortunately, there are commercially available fake succulents with low costs, produced with poor materials, waste or poor quality plastic and undoubted provenance, which also emit particular odors. The most sought-after plants for furnishing with style and a tone of color are immense, from the Stapelia with particularly large flowers, spectacular and unique in their kind, to the Kalanchoes with small, simple flowers and various colors, appreciated for enriching tables, shelves etc. These plants can be cleaned using a hair dryer, placed on cold air. If, on the other hand, you want to wash them because they are blackened by the heat of the radiators or vapors in the kitchen, you can use water, a delicate degreaser and wash them with a sponge, for thorny or more delicate plants it is advisable to spray them directly and rinse them with a gargoyle.