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Folding garden tables

Folding garden tables

The garden is one of the most beautiful places in the house and must be tastefully furnished, respecting the characteristics and needs of the family that lives there. Generally, the garden is divided into various areas and the area that certainly cannot be missed is the one used for outdoor dining. The part of the garden to devote to the dining area must be chosen carefully and, perhaps, surround it with plants so that it cannot be seen from the outside and at the same time is more sheltered from the wind.
After choosing the place where to place the dining area you have to choose the right furniture to best set up this corner and the main element of the whole area is definitely the table.
The garden table must be durable, functional and above all very practical, and one of the types of table that respects all these characteristics is, without a doubt, the folding table because it can be easily moved from one side of the garden to the other and does not take up space when it is closed.
The folding garden tables are formed by a base and legs that can be folded back on themselves so that, with extreme ease, this type of table can be opened and closed if necessary, it is also used as an "emergency" table when unexpected guests arrive or when parties are organized and a larger table is needed, but above all they are an excellent solution for those who love to eat outside but do not have a space to place a fixed table.
Another advantage of the folding table is that it can be easily stored in a small space during the winter season, so it must not be subjected to the elements that, over time, can damage almost all garden furniture.


The models of the folding garden tables have evolved considerably over the years and have gone from classic models to tables with very particular forms and locking systems because the folding table market has become much larger and has sought new ways to attract customers and now, this type of table has become, increasingly, a sought-after and evolved piece of furniture while maintaining its spirit of functionality and practicality.
The dimensions of the folding table can vary greatly depending on the model chosen, in fact you can find square tables measuring 40x40 cm and are suitable for a maximum of two people or square tables of 70x70 cm that accommodate about four people. The rectangular table, generally, measures 120x60 cm and accommodates six people, there are also round or oval folding garden tables but, usually, one uses rectangular or square tables.
Depending on the size and shape of the table, the legs can be folded back on themselves or closed at X, there are also models that provide the possibility of raising and lowering the height of the legs in order to adjust them according to height of the people who will use it.


Folding garden tables are generally made of three materials: plastic, aluminum and Teak wood.
For the most particular tables it is possible to combine different materials in fact in the most modern models wood and aluminum are often combined.
The tables made entirely of teak wood are suitable for a garden in a rustic or classic style while the aluminum tables are very light and are usually used in the case of trips or picnics.
The folding tables made of plastic are very durable and easy to clean, are available in different shapes and offer a wide variety of colors available.
There are also folding tables, made to measure, in wrought iron which are a much more characteristic and particular choice than the classic tables while the tables made of balau wood or acacia wood represent a more elegant and precious style.


The folding tables, made of plastic and aluminum, do not need special care as they do not remain subjected to the winter weather while the wooden and wrought iron tables, to remain beautiful for a long time, need to be subjected to some small attention indeed , periodically, they must be repainted with anti-mold and anti-rust paints and, if the color is slightly lightened, they can be repainted so as to make them regain their original beauty.
If the folding table, when not in use, is stored in a damp place (like the cellar or the garage) it is good to cover it with a cloth because these places are generally damp and can favor the formation of mold on the structure of the table which, in the long run, it would be ruined.

Folding garden tables: Costs

The costs of the folding garden table vary greatly depending on the size, the model and the material in which they are made. The cheapest prices can be found on websites specialized in the sale of garden furniture, but good deals can also be found in gardening stores and DIY stores.
Prices range from 20 euros for a square plastic table to 60 euros for a rectangular teak table to over 100 euros for wrought iron and acacia tables.
Before buying your folding table, choose the model that suits your needs and compare the various prices.