Flowers for winter wedding

Flowers for winter wedding

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Question: flowers for winter wedding

Dear editor,
I would like some suggestions for using seasonal flowers for a December wedding.
My idea is about white flowers, like roses, camellias or lilies; red flowers: roses, poinsettias, anthuriums, a bit of greenery such as holly or pine foliage.
What do you suggest for the table centerpieces, elegant and not very showy?
And for a colorful bouquet, what could I find among the seasonal flowers?
Thanks so much!

Answer: flowers for winter wedding

Dear Marzia,
in fact the flowers of December in nature are not many, but you can find in your nursery what you prefer, in any situation roses, gerberas, lilies, and other flowers, are easily available.
Clearly this time of year you can easily find poinsettias, Christmas roses (elegant hellebores), coniferous branches. You can think of making centerpieces using roses and hellebores, which also have beautiful foliage; or you can make more Christmas decorations, using poinsettias, accompanied by a few fern leaves or other greens to your liking


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