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Dying ficus benjamin

Question: moribund Ficus benjamin

a few years ago at my office he had found a white and green ficus benjamin. After changes inside the office the poor plant was forgotten and started to decay. I therefore chose to adopt it in the hope of saving it. It appears really very bare, with sparse leaves, and half dry. I had thought of removing at least the dead branches, but in fact apart from giving a little manure and water I am absolutely profane. I ask for help !! thank you very much

Answer: Ficus benjamin moribondo

Dear Lisa,
ficus are among the most cultivated houseplants, due to their beauty, but also because they grow luxuriantly, even if grown in small pots. In nature, ficus trees are large trees, and even at home they like to receive a lot of light (not direct sunlight, but good brightness), and live in a well-ventilated place, without sudden temperature changes.
Keep the ficus in a large space, not relegated to a small corner; water the plant only when the soil is dry, which can mean about once a week in winter and almost every day in summer. If possible, bring the plant outdoors in the bright shade when the weather is good.
From March to September fertilize every 15 days, with fertilizer for green plants.
Now that the plant is battered, you can think of buying a special fertilizer for suffering plants in the nursery, but since the plant will be watered only when the soil is dry, consider that you will have to supply it only about once a month.
You can also trim all the branches, so that the plant begins to sprout giving rise to a denser and thicker crown.