Lemon does not bear fruit

Question: lemon does not bear fruit

Dear editor,
I'm looking for a solution to my problem; about 5 years ago, they gave me a lemon plant, now it is quite grown, the plant is exposed in a very windy and cold area, it starts from the ground without a trunk, but with ramifications, the problem is that after all these years I don't he manages to make lemons, this year there is only one and it is not known if he can carry it out.
how can I solve this problem?
waiting for an answer, I thank you cordially.

Answer: lemon does not bear fruit

Dear Paul,
the reasons why your lemon doesn't produce so many fruits could be two:
- lack of fertilization; lemons are slow-growing, but luxuriant plants. Flowering and fructification employ many of the plant's energies, and use a good quantity of mineral salts, for this reason it is good to re-integrate them in the ground. For the lemon, a fertilizer based on dry ground lupins is often used, to be spread at the foot of the plant.
- Climate; it could be that your plant is located in an excessively cold and windy, or poorly sunny place. Because the lemons bear a lot of fruit, they need a good amount of direct sun every day, and the winter wind and the cold can easily cause the fruit drop; consider that even in Sicily, in years with cold winds, it happens that citrus plants produce very few fruits.