Measures and means of combating spider mites on cucumbers: in the greenhouse and on the site

Measures and means of combating spider mites on cucumbers: in the greenhouse and on the site

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Whatever measures are taken by gardeners, they face many problems from year to year, the first place of which is pests.

These creatures, living on the plants themselves and in the soil, worsen the quality and quantity of the cropcausing damage to the root system, leaves and shoots.

Numerous insects can damage cucumber plantings, among which you should pay particular attention to the destruction spider mite.

Reasons for the appearance

What are the reasons for the appearance of spider mites on cucumbers? The pest appears and actively reproduces only in favorable conditions for it - high temperature and dry air... Ticks overwinter in fallen leaves, topsoil, manure and greenhouses (especially in corners).

The most unpleasant thing is to protect the crop from the appearance of a pest impossible - it can get on seedlings even with a gust of wind.

The only way out - carrying out the usual agrotechnical measures in order to prevent the appearance of spider mites.

What is a spider mite? Spider mite on cucumbers - photo:

How to recognize a pest?

The appearance of a spider mite on cucumbers is indicated by the following signs:

  • light dots (with a large lesion - spots) on the back of the leaf;
  • almost transparent cobweb on the plant;
  • slowdown in growth;
  • yellowing of the leaves.

Spider mites on cucumbers - what to do?

Methods and control measures

Spider mites on cucumbers: how to fight?

Location on

How to get rid of spider mites on cucumbers in a summer cottage or garden?

It is necessary to take measures to combat the pest immediately after harvest: all plant parts must be removed and destroyed.

Spider mite control on cucumbers also includes:

  1. Before sowing, the land must be dig up, because most of the pests hibernate in the upper layer of the soil.
  2. Spider mite wintering outdoors first develops on weedsso they need to be removed systematically.
  3. During cultivation, you need examine carefully plants and if infected leaves are found, they must be removed and buried or burned.
  4. Planting cucumbers should alternate with cabbage or tomatoes.
  5. If a spider mite is found, the lesion must be treated biologics.

In the greenhouse

How to get rid of spider mites in a greenhouse on cucumbers? Greatest risk plants in greenhouses are susceptible to the occurrence of spider mites.

Here for pest breeding all conditions are created - high temperature (30 degrees and above) and relatively low humidity.

Spider mites on cucumbers in a greenhouse - control measures: the pest does not tolerate humidity above 60%, therefore increasing its level in the greenhouse to 80-85% is the best method to prevent the development of pests.

Cobweb on cucumbers in a greenhouse: how to deal with it? When growing cucumbers in a greenhouse, it is worth adding to the main methods of combating spider mites:

  1. Disinfection (fumigation) of the greenhouse structure in the fall after harvest and in the spring before sowing with complete tightness.
  2. Removal after harvest top layer soil.
  3. Burning trellis with a gas burner.
  4. Fertilizer phosphoric mixtures.

You will learn how to deal with spider mites on cucumbers in a greenhouse by watching this video:

Cucumber processing products

How to process cucumbers from spider mites? What remedy for spider mites on cucumbers to use?

The main method of pest control on the site is insecticide spraying, but in the case of a spider mite, this method will bring little benefit.

The elimination of spider mites is guaranteed by means such as insectoacaricides and acaricides, but today there are no systems safe for humans that allow the use of these drugs on the site. Most use drugs with intestinal action, which give fairly good results.

The processing of cucumbers with means of intestinal action must be carried out more than once. The higher ambient temperature - the smaller the interval must be maintained between treatments.

Of the drugs against spider mites on cucumbers, it is worth highlighting Karbofos, Iskra-BIO and Bitoxibacillin, Fitoferm.

Spraying must be carried out in the eveningwhen there is no sun, so that the chemicals do not have time to evaporate and destroy the spider mite.

The safest pest control product is phytoseilus mite.

The predator is placed next to the affected foci to destroy the eggs of the spider mite, but for the best result, the tick must be populated every 3 weeks.

You can learn how to properly use preparations for processing cucumbers from spider mites in a greenhouse from this video clip:

Folk remedies

The most popular measures for combating folk remedies with spider mites include:

  1. Spraying plants soapy water.
  2. Landing flowering plants.
  3. Settlement of the site fungus entomophthora adjara.

Planted dill next to cucumbers will help in pest control. Its bloom attracts ladybirds, which will eliminate the development of aphids and spider mites.

Diseases of cucumbers caused by spider mites

For a person, this pest does not represent no danger, but for cucumbers a spider mite is special enemy... It not only sucks out all the juices from the leaf, disrupting photosynthesis, but also makes the plant vulnerable to a number of infections.

The infected culture gradually begins to dry out, which ultimately leads to death... Spider mites can cause gray mold spore, which affects the entire terrestrial part of the plant. Not only shoots, leaves and peduncles are threatened, but also fruits.

What do spider mite infested cucumbers look like? Cucumber diseasecaused by a spider mite - photo:

How to save? Treatment methods

How to remove spider mites from cucumbers? The affected parts of the plant must be delete, for several days stop watering, feed the plant nitrogen fertilizers and sprinkle ash spots.

If the disease continues to develop, then it is necessary to take drastic measures - to dig up and burn diseased plants, to treat healthy ones with special solutions.

Spider mite control is a case where prevention... With all agrotechnical measures and careful attention to the cultivated crop, the risk of infection with a spider mite is minimized. And this, in turn, gives a great chance of getting large harvest without loss.

On ways to combat spider mites on cucumbers and preventive measures in this video:

Watch the video: 30 Minutes of Rice Root Aphids on Hemp With Info (July 2022).


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