Ways to successfully store winter garlic at home

Ways to successfully store winter garlic at home

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Winter garlic - capricious harvest in terms of storage, especially at home.

In what ways do housewives manage to keep it fresh until the new year?

How to prepare garlic bulbs for long-term storageand what conditions are required for winter garlic to stay fresh and not dry out?

We will answer these and other questions in our article.

Read more about the methods of storing garlic at home and how to store it in a cellar or basement on our website.

The ways

How to keep winter garlic until spring? Ways to store winter garlic at home:

  1. Cold storage method (in the refrigerator, in a pasteurized jar with a tightly closed lid, or in a cloth bag treated with a salt solution).
  2. Pouring of winter garlic heads salt.
  3. Pouring flour.
  4. Pouring onion peel.
  5. Some housewives use for storing winter crops expanded vermiculite, sprinkling them with heads of garlic.
  6. Pouring garlic cloves vegetable oil.
  7. Dipping in paraffin - another way to prepare winter garlic heads for long-term storage. Paraffin-coated bulbs do not lose moisture and stay fresh for a long time.
  8. Braiding in pigtails.
  9. Storage in cardboard boxes, nets, nylon tights, similar to a bow.

You will learn how to preserve cloves of garlic in oil from the video:

Long-term storage methods for garlic can also include, to some extent, freezing in a freezer for the winter and drying for seasoning using fresh air or household appliances.


How to prepare winter garlic for long-term storage?

For winter garlic to be stored for a long time, it should not be grown in damp places and excessively applied to the kidney. nitrogen fertilizers... Before harvesting garlic do not water for three weeks.

For storage, ripe, not damaged (mechanically or by pests) bulbs are selected: only they have good keeping quality. Each must have at least 3 dense scalescovering the entire bulb.

The collected garlic bulbs are dried within 28 days, cleaned from the top contaminated scales and cut off (if the harvest is not supposed to be stored in pigtails) the stem at a height 5 cm from the head, and the roots - leaving 1 centimeter... The roots, if desired, can also be plucked out or burned over a gas stove, leaving only the bottom.

Tips for harvesting winter garlic and preparing it for storage in this video:

How to store winter garlic in an apartment? To keep winter garlic longer, it is recommended to process its heads boiled for 2 hours vegetable oil with a few droplets iodine (0.5 liters of oil - 10 drops of iodine), then dry the crop in the open air.

Where to store winter garlic at home? Winter garlic is usually stored in pantry, in the kitchen or in refrigerator... It must be consumed first of all: unlike spring garlic, it is less suitable for long-term storage.

How to store winter garlic at home - in what container? Sprinkled with salt, flour or expanded vermiculite, winter garlic can be stored in glass jars or pans.

Salt (flour, vermiculite) is poured on their bottom, and then a layer of garlic is placed.

Layers should be alternated as long as the height of the container allows. Above the last layer of garlic should be 2 cm layer... This method involves replacing the salt several times during the winter, as it becomes wet over time.

Uncut garlic braided and decorate the walls of the kitchen with them. As well as onions, in the villages, winter garlic is stored in nylon tights.

Special meshes for vegetables, they are convenient for storing garlic, but in them, as well as in a pigtail and nylon stockings, if the storage rules are not followed, winter garlic dries out rather quickly.

Winter garlic is stored in small canvas bags... And so that it does not lose moisture, sprinkle it with onion peel.

How to keep winter garlic for the winter at home? How to store winter garlic at home in canvas bags in this video:

Optimal conditions

How to keep winter garlic in the apartment longer? Temperature: +2 - +3 degrees Celsius (when stored in the refrigerator); +15 - +20 degrees Celsius (storage in a pantry or kitchen). Humidity: 70 to 80 percent.

It is not recommended to store winter garlic near heating appliances: it loses moisture quickly and the teeth become dry.

The results of the experiment on storing garlic in an apartment for six months under different conditions in this video:

Savings terms

Winter garlic is difficult to preserve at home until spring. The period of its storage in an apartment is usually 4 - 5 months.

We talked about how, where and what to store winter garlic at home.

There are many ways, but the purpose of all storage methods is the same - to prevent drying harvest.

Stored successfully only healthy, not affected by pests and not mechanically damaged bulbs, which are properly grown, removed in time and carefully prepared for storage.

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