Araucalia araucana

Question: araucalia araucana

Dear expert, following the removal of a beautiful specimen of araucan araucanas over 20 years old carried out by the new owner, I would like to ask you if it is permissible to destroy this beauty without authorization and if this species is protected by particular norms. Thanks a lover of nature. Tatiana

Answer: araucalia araucana

Dear Tatiana,
the araucaria araucaria is a protected plant in the places of origin, therefore in Italy only plants of proven local production can be sold. Apart from this, in Italy the cutting of trees is regulated, as every single tree is common heritage, whether it is in private or public land, it does not matter; to cut these trees it is necessary to communicate the reasons to the forest ranger, and the reasons must be valid. However, this type of legislation is diversified region by region, so much depends on the area in which you live. It may also be that your neighbors have warned the forester, and that they have been allowed to cut the tree for a fee that will be used to plant more trees in the municipal area.