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Christmas Star

Question: Christmas star

I bought a Christmas star in mid-November. I keep it at home, in the living room above a shelf. The temperature of the apartment is around 21C. Since the first week, it has begun to dry out and lose its leaves. Water once every 2 days. What am I doing wrong?

Answer: Christmas star

Gentile Fausto,
in nature, Christmas stars live outdoors, of course; the climatic conditions of an apartment are unfortunately very different compared to those that occur outdoors, especially for one condition: environmental humidity.
Poinsettias, as well as most houseplants, suffer greatly from the dryness of the air in the home, which is further exacerbated by heating and air conditioning systems. In addition to this, the problem often increases, due to the fact that we misunderstand the concept, and instead of increasing the environmental humidity, we water the plant more often.
Therefore, our Christmas star should be watered only when the soil is dry, touching with a finger to check that it is not wet: keeping a plant in a soggy soil often causes the asphyxia of the roots.
In addition to this, we are going to vaporize the foliage of our plant, thus increasing the humidity of the air.
Often a "trick" is used to maintain constant humidity, that is to say placing the plants in large pot holders, on the bottom of which a beautiful thick layer of expanded clay is placed, where we will always leave a couple of centimeters of water, which evaporating will create more moisture around the plant.
Who can put a nice humidifier among the plants.