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Question: orchid

I have a small problem with my phalaenopsis orchid. I bought it in October from the unicef ​​it was very beautiful it made 2/3 flowers and then it dried the stem. I listened to the advice of a florist and he told me to cut it between the second and third nodule.
the bath once a week and I put the fertilizer once a month. It rests on an under-vase with moistened expanded clay and I spray it with water every so often.
use distilled water because the chlorine contained in the water in the sink is dangerous.
how come it doesn't bloom I'm doing something wrong ??
thank you very much

Answer: orchid

Gentile Valentina,
phalaenopsis orchids generally bloom once or twice a year, preferably in spring; since your orchid had flowered when you bought it in October, it will take some time before it produces new shoots, new bites and then new flowers.


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