Tomato seedlings for the greenhouse: when to plant and how to grow correctly

Tomato seedlings for the greenhouse: when to plant and how to grow correctly

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In nature, tomatoes bear fruit for a very short time, and so that get a harvest almost all year round - Tomatoes must be grown in a greenhouse.

But in order for the crop to be abundant under artificial conditions, and the fruits themselves - tasty and juicy, you need to properly prepare the seedlings.

Where can I get seedlings for tomatoes?

If there is time seedlings for tomatoes can be grown independently - from seeds.

If you can buy seedlings of the most popular varieties from sellers, then on your own even exotic varieties can be grown... The main thing is to follow the technology correctly.

Many gardeners advise to soak the seeds before germination to speed up and simplify the process.

But, as practice shows, the most resistant and fruitful plants - Those who grown from dry seeds... They are less capricious about growing conditions.

The soil for seedlings should be loose and always saturated with nutrients. Perfectly use the same soil that is in the greenhouse - this way, when planting, it will be easier for the plant to adapt to changing conditions.

Get hatched tomato shoots in 2-3 days quite possible. You need to take a cotton cloth, moisten with water, lay out the seeds so that there is a small distance between them. Cover with a damp cloth, place in a loosely closed container. Be sure to ventilate several times a day.

Plant the hatched seeds with tweezers in the ground, keeping distance... Or, immediately plant future seedlings in separate cups, immersing the seeds in the ground to a depth of half a centimeter.

If there is no time and conditions for germinating seeds, you can buy ready-made seedlings for tomatoes. But in order for the plants to take root and bear fruit well, you need to choose the right seedlings.

What seedlings to buy not worth it:

  • seedlings with ovary and small fruits: while the plant takes root, the fruits will not really grow, and the bush itself will be weak and is unlikely to give a decent harvest;
  • too thick stems, large leaves - this option seems attractive. But in fact, such seedlings were heavily fertilized with nitrogen - so that they would grow faster. It is not worth buying this - all the growth will go into the leaves, and the fruits, if they are, will be very small;
  • yellowed leaves at the bottom of the bush... The seller will convince that this is due to transportation and lack of moisture, but you should not be persuaded and buy half-withered plants in the hope that they will come to life;
  • also do not buy seedlings that closely - bush to bush - planted in a container: when transplanting, there is a high probability of damaging the roots, it will take at least a week to recover - during this time it is quite possible to lose part of the crop.

What seedlings you can buy:

  • the thickness of the stem is about the size of a pencil;
  • leaves are fresh, whole. Themselves leaves - 8-10 pcs;
  • the presence of a flower brush.

When to start sowing tomatoes for the greenhouse?

When to plant (sow) tomato seedlings for the greenhouse? The time of planting tomato seedlings for a greenhouse will depend on whether there is heating in it or not.

Germination of seedlings for tomatoes lasts about two months... It takes about 52-60 days for seedlings of low-growing varieties to become strong enough for planting in the ground. For tall varieties, it will take 5-7 days more.

In good heated greenhouse seedlings can be planted all year round - provided that inside it the air temperature will not drop below 15 degrees.

In an unheated greenhouse tomato seedlings can be planted no earlier than the beginning of May - on average, from the 5th-7th.

What is the right way to take care?

We found out when to plant (sow) tomatoes (tomatoes) for seedlings for a greenhouse, now we will figure out how to grow tomato seedlings. What should be a greenhouse for seedlings of tomatoes (tomatoes)? For plants in the greenhouse, it is imperative you need to create and maintain certain conditions close to natural... This applies to both adult bushes and seedlings.

During the day, the bushes will need additional lighting and warming up the air, at night - darkness and a decrease in temperature by 5-8 degrees. Perfect option - 20-25 degrees during the day and 16-18 at night... If you do not adjust the light level and temperature, the plants will grow unevenly and bear fruit poorly.

The bushes grow very slowly for the first 20 days.... At this time especially the level of illumination is important: if there is little light, the plants will stretch, and all the forces will go into the growth of shoots and leaves.

Tomato seedlings need to be watered regularly. - this plant loves moisture very much. For seedlings it is better to use boiled watersince the bushes are still weak and unstable to disease. Water temperature - about 20 degrees... And one more important point: water during irrigation should not fall on the leavesso that they do not start to rot and deteriorate.

But high humidity in the greenhouse should be avoided: this can lead to disease of the bushes. Most suitable air humidity level - 60-70%.

An important stage in growing seedlings is feeding... The first feeding should be done when the first leaf appears. To get the harvest as early as possible, you need to use foliar dressing.

In the early stages, it is advisable to use potassium monophosphate in a dosage of no more than 1 tbsp. in a 10 liter bucket of water. And here it is better not to use nitrogen-containing fertilizers at all: after them, all growth falls on the shoots, and the fruits are small and often tasteless.

Top dressing is best done in the evening. - this way the plants get all the nutrients better. You can use such water-soluble substances as Aquarin, potassium and calcium nitrate, urea.

How to check the readiness of seedlings for relocation?

If you transplant seedlings too early - the plant may not take root, or it will take him much longer to adapt.

Transplant too late also will not lead to good: when the ovary appears, it is better not to disturb the plant so that the fruits that begin to form do not fall off.

You can determine the readiness of seedlings for transplantation by three signs:

  • the height of the undersized tomato bush is approx. 15 cm, tall - approx. 30 cm;
  • the bush has 12 full leaves. The leaves are green, without spots and dried out areas;
  • there are 1-2 formed inflorescences, but no ovary yet.

Tomato seedlings are transplanted, followed by cultivation in a greenhouse. If you follow all the rules for preparing and growing seedlings in a greenhouse, you can get an excellent harvest of fragrant fleshy tomatoes.

Planting tomato seeds in a kind of window-sill greenhouse is described in detail in the video below, and this video also tells when to plant and how to grow tomato seedlings for a greenhouse.

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