"Fleshy Beauty" - an elegant tomato with a high yield

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Today we will talk about an early high-yielding variety that will delight not only with its early ripeness, but also with its excellent taste. This is "Meaty Handsome".

This variety of tomatoes was bred in Russia, the variety received state registration in 2006. Since that time, it has deserved popularity among lovers of early harvests, both amateur gardeners and farmers.

Further in the article, you will find a lot of useful information about these tomatoes. Description of the variety, its characteristics, subtleties of cultivation and care.

Tomato "Fleshy handsome": description of the variety

This is a fairly tall plant, it can reach 180-200 cm. By the type of bush, it is indeterminate, standard.

From the moment the seedlings are planted to the ripening of the fruits, it takes 90-105 days, that is, it is an early variety.

It is grown both in open ground and in greenhouse shelters, but the latter method is more preferable. In view of the high growth of the bush, there is a risk of breaking it off by gusts of wind. This species has good resistance to the main diseases of tomatoes.

Among the features of this species, its early maturity and productivity are distinguished. You can also note its resistance to most diseases and the tallness of the bush, which can reach 200 cm.

This tomato variety has a good yield. With proper care and the correct planting scheme, you can collect 10-12 kg of excellent fruits per sq. meters, and this is in the open field. In greenhouse shelters, the yield can be higher than 12-14 kg.

The yields of other varieties are shown in the table below:

Variety nameYield
Fleshy handsome10-14 kg per square meter
Solerosso F18 kg per square meter
Union 815-19 kg per square meter
Aurora F113-16 kg per square meter
Red dome17 kg per square meter
Aphrodite F15-6 kg per bush
King of the early12-15 kg per square meter
Severenok f13.5-4 kg per bush
Ob domes4-6 kg per bush
Katyusha17-20 kg per square meter
Pink fleshy5-6 kg per square meter

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of the variety:

  • optimal fruit size;
  • high varietal qualities;
  • good productivity;
  • early harvest;
  • resistance to many diseases.

Among the shortcomings, it was noted that at the stage of development of the bush, it requires careful observance of the light regime and the irrigation regime.

Fruit characteristics

  • Ripe fruits are pink, less often red.
  • Rounded in shape.
  • Its fruits are quite large and can reach 300 grams, but usually 230-270.
  • The number of chambers is 5-6.
  • The dry matter content is 5-6%.
  • The harvested fruits can tolerate long-term storage well.

Tomatoes of this type are very good fresh... Thanks to the successful combination of acids and sugars, it makes an excellent juice. The smallest ones are perfect for whole-fruit canning.

The weight of fruits of other varieties, for comparison, is presented in the table:

Variety nameFruit weight
Fleshy handsome230-270 grams
Pink Miracle f1110 gram
Argonaut F1180 gram
The miracle of the lazy60-65 grams
Locomotive120-150 grams
Shchelkovsky early40-60 grams
Katyusha120-150 grams
Bullfinch130-150 grams
Anyuta f195-120 grams
Debut 180-250 grams
White filling 241100g

Growing features

"Handsome fleshy" is more suitable for the southern regions, especially if grown in the open field. In the regions of central Russia, it is grown in greenhouse shelters.

The main thing here is to avoid regions where strong winds are possible, they can damage the plant due to its growth.

At the initial stage of growth, the plant is pruned to form two stems. Since the bush is tall, he and his branches need supports and garters. "Meaty handsome" responds very well to complex feeding.

Diseases and pests

Despite its resistance to diseases, this tomato also has weak points.

The most common disease that affects this type of tomato is cladosporia, in other words - brown spot of tomatoes. Treat it with fungicides. For the prevention of disease, especially in hot weather night ventilation of greenhouses and provision of light conditions are recommended.

For the prevention of fusarium it is necessary to use copper sulphate and the drug "Barrier". In the open ground, these tomatoes are most often affected by the bear, the drug "Gnome" is used against it.

In greenhouses, it is affected by the greenhouse whitefly, this is the most common pest found in shelters, "Confidor" is used against it.

This variety will delight you with its early and very tasty fruits, since this variety is not difficult to care for. Good luck to you!

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