Scare away with drawings! Cockroach crayons and pencils

Cockroaches are unpretentious to conditions. They also start where they maintain cleanliness and in conditions of complete unsanitary conditions. In the latter case, the breeding environment is more fertile. Often you have to remove cockroaches that run from neighbors.

Residents of old houses also suffer from insects. And if shops and warehouses with grocery goods are located on the ground floors, it is very difficult to remove parasites.

Advantages and disadvantages of cockroach pencils

Insect crayons contain poisonous chlorpyrifos and cementitious composition. As you know, cockroaches eat everything that comes their way. They will not miss the opportunity to taste the chalk applied to the skirting board or the side of the furniture. When a cockroach enters the body, the insecticide paralyzes its work, and the insect dies.

Among the advantages of chalk:

  • availability - you can buy it in any store, and its price is the lowest compared to other drugs for cockroaches;
  • profitability - one chalk is enough for processing several rooms;
  • ease of use - you do not need to have special skills to use the chalk;
  • treatment with chalk from insects will not interfere with the usual way of life and will not require eviction from the house.

IMPORTANT: Although the drug has low toxicity, it should be stored correctly - kept in a dark place at temperatures up to 25 degrees.

The disadvantage of the tool is its ineffective with strong insect infestation.

And here you have to choose - or you are ready to be patient and wait for the remedy to work on the cockroaches. Or you will have to choose a more effective drug.

The drug is dangerous for young children. Therefore, you should always hide the crayon so that children do not confuse it with chalk for drawing. But for prevention, crayons are indispensable. It will save you from neighboring cockroaches who have started a fight with them and will get rid of the unpleasant odor that is often characteristic of aerosols.

IMPORTANT: The chalk Mashenka is popular. It has established itself as an inexpensive and effective remedy. There is a version that it was developed to preserve military supplies in the early 80s. The products, created by order of the Ministry of Defense, proved to be effective and soon went on the free sale.

How to use cockroach crayons correctly

To achieve maximum effect, it is important to follow the instructions. It is better to work with crayons with gloves. Make sure that the microparticles of the powder do not get on the mucous membranes or in the respiratory system. Be that as it may, we are talking about a chemical that can cause poisoning.

  1. Chalk is used to treat skirting boards, thresholds, window sills, cracks, areas under the bathroom, the inner parts of cabinets, ventilation grilles and all places where cockroaches are supposed to accumulate.
  2. The width of the drawn line should not be less than 1 cm.
  3. It is important that the drawn lines are continuous. This will not leave cockroaches even a small chance of survival..
  4. The effectiveness of the treatment also depends on the places where the product is applied. It makes sense to pre-examine the apartment for the detection of insect nests..

The tool is used not only for "drawing". The chalk can be crushed and used as cockroach powder. A solution is prepared from it. Diluted in 5-6 liters of warm water. The resulting product is sprayed on surfaces or wiped on the floor. But the traditional method is the safest and most convenient.

IMPORTANT: Remember that cockroaches cannot live without water. Wipe down the sink overnight and do not leave wet sponges. Finely clean the bottom of the sink and nearby walls.

Crayons from different manufacturers have different duration of action. It varies from one week. If the cockroaches do not disappear, the treatment should be repeated.

Chalk from cockroaches is used as a preventive measure and is suitable for those who want to protect the house from "uninvited guests". It is not suitable for instant action, but it is relatively safe and convenient to use.

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