Where do bedbugs come from in an apartment: the reasons for their appearance, how they are transferred, where they live, how to get rid of them

Where do bedbugs come from in an apartment: the reasons for their appearance, how they are transferred, where they live, how to get rid of them

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House bugs are small parasites that very often inhabit houses and apartments. It doesn’t matter if it’s new or old, with or without renovation.

Often these insects appear in neat, clean people, which makes the latter extremely perplexed. In fact, they are absolutely indifferent to all these factors.

Their main reason for the appearance is access to a new source of food, a person. Also, sometimes they get into the apartment by accident - they are entered on things, clothes, animal hair.

Therefore, today our topic is bedbugs in the apartment: the reasons for their appearance, where do the bugs come from in the apartment, what do they start from, where do they settle and how to deal with them?

Where do bedbugs come from in an apartment and how to get rid of them?

It should be noted that it is impossible to unequivocally determine exactly how the parasites entered the dwelling. This may depend on the location of the apartment itself in the house, the presence or absence of neighbors. And taking into account the fact that the premises are usually connected by a single ventilation channel, insects could be found generally at the other end of the house.

Why do bugs start in an apartment? As a rule, bed bugs are transferred between apartments. through cracks in the floor or walls, through ventilation channels or cable channels, along the street wall of the house. This development of events is most relevant for old dilapidated buildings, but it cannot be ruled out in new buildings.

It is also worth keeping in mind that these parasites can live without food for several weeks, and therefore during this period they can calmly be in search of a new victim.

ATTENTION! Parasites move from apartment to apartment one by one, and they are not so difficult to notice with a small amount of furniture and regular cleaning. In addition, these insects have a low speed of movement, and therefore will not just "visit" every night.

What causes bedbugs and how to deal with them? If the house is in a private sector or rural area, bed bugs can be transferred from small animals - rabbits, goats... They are excellent carriers and insects are easily transmitted from them.

Often you can bring a bug into the apartment yourself, however, completely unaware of it. For example, their can be brought in luggage from an overseas trip to tropical countries - Egypt, Indonesia, Thailand, or simply from a business trip to another city.

Especially if you had to live in a hotel infected with bedbugs. So, they can hide in suitcases or bags, and then leave the shelter after returning.

IMPORTANT! It is not at all necessary to bring a large family from the trip. Bed bugs spread very quickly. One female will be enough to actively lay eggs. As a result, after a short period of time, the colony will already consist of dozens of individuals.

Can bedbugs be brought home on clothes? And how, moreover from such public places as - cinemas, cafes, recreation places... They cannot bite through the fabric, but they can easily hide in the folds. Therefore, there is a chance that after being in an infected apartment, you can bring some insects home.

Another source of falling into the apartment is with things purchased in the secondary market, "hand-held"... Sometimes it is very profitable to buy a good thing (for example, a sofa or TV) at an affordable price. However, there is no guarantee that they were not in an infected room.

At the same time, the likelihood that parasites will be in new items that were stored in warehouses is quite low - there are usually no power sources in such places.

Often, bedbugs can be found in household appliances, where they hide during the daytime. So, there were cases when insects were found in laptops, tablets, microwave ovens, tape recorders, TVs. The most attractive is the technique with wooden bodies.

When fighting bed bugs, it is important to take measures to destroy them together with neighbors.

In this regard, they are similar to cockroaches - at the beginning of treatment with chemicals or the use of deterrent agents, pests will begin mass migration from the dangerous zone, populating the untreated neighboring apartments.

It is important to understand how dangerous they are and what problems can be caused by bites, especially in children.

Bedbugs can appear in any living space, regardless of the repair in it and the wealth of the residents. What causes bedbugs in the apartment? Their main goal is to search for new food, and for this they move through ventilation shafts, electrical wiring channels, and crawl into inconspicuous cracks.

In addition, often "guests" can be brought with you from vacation, picked up in a public place, bought along with a second-hand thing. There are frequent cases when bedbugs crawl into neighboring apartments during disinfection.

So, we examined the reasons for the appearance of bedbugs in the apartment, but here's how to get rid of them: apply one of the means, for example, Tetrix, Tsifox, Forsyth, Fufanon, Cucaracha, Karbofos, Mashenka, Executioner. There are also electromagnetic scarers and all kinds of traps. If you don't want to mess around yourself, you can call the professionals.

Watch a video about the appearance of bedbugs in an apartment or house:

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