Folk remedy for cockroaches - boric acid with an egg: recipes, recommendations for use, pros and cons of the drug

Folk remedy for cockroaches - boric acid with an egg: recipes, recommendations for use, pros and cons of the drug

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Cockroaches are the oldest insects that still annoy humans, albeit on a smaller scale than twenty years ago. Despite their somewhat smaller number in houses and apartments, people are still worried about the questions: what are these insects dangerous for, can they bite?

To combat them, a wide range of products are presented in our stores. These are aerosols and sprays, gels and powders for insects.

But along with them, long-known folk remedies do not cease to be popular. And among them is boric acid, as the main ingredient in poisonous mixtures.

While insect repellent companies come up with new formulas and invent all kinds of repellents and aquafumigators, grandmothers use proven methods. And the younger generation in many cases trusts their experience.

What is boric acid?

Outwardly, this substancelooks like powder... The white grains are a bit like scales, but if you look from a distance, you cannot distinguish from the powder. She hasno smell and taste.

It is known that at a temperature of 170 degrees, it melts and changes its chemical composition. Sold in pharmacies... Usually the powder is packaged in 10 gram sachets.

The chemical has an antiseptic effect. The substance is part of boric alcohol. The latter is ineffective in the fight against insects, since the smell of alcohol repels parasites.

But boric acid in its pure form is a real poison for red invaders. These insects are indiscriminate in food, and it does not matter what species they belong to - red, black or albino.

So you need to take advantage of this. As soon as the drug gets into the digestive tract of the parasite, after a while it paralyzes and the cockroach dies from suffocation. A dose of 2-3 grams corrodes it from the inside, depletes and kills.

Remember that folk remedies are good if the insect population is not too large.

In all other cases, we recommend using the services of professional pest controllers!

By the way, some experienced housewives recommend using temperature effects and Mashenka's chalk, tested over the years, in parallel with boric acid.

Effectiveness and disadvantages

Although many people use boric acid to prepare poisonous solutions and other "treats" for cockroaches, it is most effective to stain them with a powder in the form of a powder. And it is very easy to do it.

The substance is scattered in those places of the apartment where insects live or where they can run:

  • surfaces near skirting boards;
  • under kitchen cabinets and cabinets;
  • under the sink or next to the bathroom.

The shell is especially attractive to cockroaches... There is something that they cannot live without - water.

As soon as the parasite runs over the powder with boric acid, the agent remains on its paws, then it enters the insect's body and gradually leads to death. By the way, such tools as Dohlox and Regent operate on the same principle.

Among the advantages of this tool, it is worth noting its availability and cost-effectiveness. A 10 gram sachet is enough to kill thousands of parasites. Although, in practice, more poison is often consumed, since it is often left unattended by parasites.

Unlike special crayons, traps and gels, only those Prussians who have been in direct contact with the powder can get poisoned. The powder is poured not in large heaps, but in modest portions, as if sprinkled with flour or sugar. Otherwise, cockroaches will bypass the poison. Of the obvious disadvantages, it can be noted that with the help of boric acid useless to fight cockroach eggs.

To get rid of eggs, more effective methods are needed, for example, liquid Geth concentrates.

IMPORTANT! There are cases when acid is powerless in the fight against insects. This is due to the fact that it is used quite often, which is addictive to cockroaches.

Cockroaches are excellent opportunists, despite the fact that they penetrate into housing in different ways and not all species are able to fly, without exception, all "Stasiks" masterly adapt to any conditions and reproduce very quickly, with a high percentage of survival.

It is worth noting that boric acid can help to cope with other insects in the house.

It is very effective to use this remedy in the fight against ants.

Safety and precautions

In general, the remedy does not quite correspond to the ideas to which we are accustomed with the word "acid". She does not corrode the skin and does not leave chemical burns.

If there are children, pets in the house, you can use boric acid to fight cockroaches. She low-risk, unlike such "thermonuclear" poisons such as Karbofos and the Executioner, and at one time it was even used as an antiseptic. But soon it was replaced by other means. However, boric acid often causes allergies.

Remedy versus specialized cockroach insecticides in general safe for the child, but contact with boric acid is categorically contraindicated for children under 3 years old. If a cat or dog finds the bait you have prepared and eats it, there will be no death. But it’s better not to let this happen.

It is recommended to avoid contact with the drug for pregnant and lactating mothers, patients with chronic renal failure, acute inflammatory skin diseases. Among the side effects when acid gets inside, nausea, headache, vomiting, rash. You should always remember that when choosing a means for baiting insects in an apartment, first of all, you need to take care of everyone's safety. If we talk about proven, safe, odorless products, then you should pay attention to Global and Forsyth in the form of a gel.

Instructions for use

Step-by-step instructions for using boric acid for baiting cockroaches:

  1. Buy sachets with boric acid in the pharmacy.
  2. Prepare the room for bullying:
    • Dry the sink.
    • Close the taps tightly.
    • Remove damp sponges and cleaning cloths.
    • Move flowerpots with flowers to another room, since cockroaches are able to extract moisture from the soil.
  3. Lay out the baits prepared according to one of the recipes below.
  4. Remember! If the cockroach first tastes the poison, and then drinks pure water, then the poison will not work on him.


    In order for the cockroach to be poisoned, you need to force him to eat the bait in sufficient quantities. Simple recipes for the preparation of the poison will help to do this.

    Egg yolk is most often used, as it repels the acid smell and awakens the appetite in cockroaches. Humans do not smell acid, but cockroaches have a very fine sense of smell.

    Below are some recipes based on boric acid for cockroach control.

    Boric acid from cockroaches recipe with egg, recipe number 1:

    1. Take one raw egg yolk.
    2. Mix with 50 grams of boric acid.
    3. Stir until thick gruel.
    4. We form small balls and lay out in the places of the greatest accumulation of insects.

    Boric acid from cockroaches with eggs, recipe number 2:

    1. Cook one egg and one potato.
    2. We clean and grind finished products in mashed potatoes in equal proportions.
    3. Add one tablespoon of boric acid.
    4. We turn the resulting mass into balls.
    5. We leave the tasty bait in secluded corners.

    Poison from cockroaches from boric acid and eggs, recipe number 3:

    1. Cook a hard boiled egg. We clean and extract the yolk.
    2. We knead it with a fork.
    3. Add 40 grams of boric acid.
    4. Add some aromatic vegetable oil.
    5. From the resulting mass, we sculpt balls with a diameter of about 5 mm.

    Boric acid balls from cockroaches, recipe number 4:

    1. Pour 40 grams of boric acid into the raw yolk.
    2. Add 2 tablespoons of sugar.
    3. Stir until smooth.
    4. If necessary, add a little water or vice versa - use flour to thicken.

    IMPORTANT! So that the cockroaches are hungry and taste exactly the prepared balls with the poison, make sure that the kitchen is clean and there are no other products or crumbs left. Take out the trash beforehand. Otherwise, all efforts are in vain.

    A portion of balls from one recipe is enough to poison cockroaches in one room. For cooking throughout the apartment, the amount of each ingredient is increased. Cockroaches die 2-3 days after eating the bait... Before this, the slowness of cockroaches is observed. They are no longer afraid to show themselves in the daytime.

    To increase efficiency, experts recommend using different means for baiting insects at the same time. Try the powerful combination remedy Cucaracha or Clean House with boric acid, available in a variety of forms.

    Average price

    Buying boric acid does not require large financial costs. A bottle of solution with a volume of 25 ml will cost about 10 rubles (the popular Reid tool, for example, will cost you ten times more).

    The product in bags weighing 10 grams will cost about 40 rubles. We advise you to buy several bags of boric acid at once.

    It is necessary to poison cockroaches with boric acid in places where insects most often move. Don't expect instant action if you want to get cockroaches out of the house. The folk remedy is effective when there are few cockroaches, and in general the apartment is clean and well-groomed. In other cases, it makes no sense to waste time preparing such a poison, but it is better to purchase ready-made forms of insecticides, for example, FAS or Combat.

    So, today we found out how to get rid of cockroaches using boric acid, how to poison cockroaches with boric acid and what conditions must be observed when applying. They gave several recipes for the simplest remedy for cockroaches: boric acid and an egg. Use them in your fight against these insects or combine them with others, and perhaps after a while the cockroaches will be on the verge of extinction.

    Watch a video recipe for making boric acid poison:

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