Rating of manufacturers of insect repellents: zona poison from cockroaches, fufanon, tarax, absolute and others, description and characteristics

Rating of manufacturers of insect repellents: zona poison from cockroaches, fufanon, tarax, absolute and others, description and characteristics

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About 15 years ago, a miracle happened - all the cockroaches disappeared. The grandmothers cried and said that there would be war. Housewives were glad that the nasty mustachioed pests had left our homes.

The men were jubilant - it's not scary to turn on the light at night. But there was anxiety, and the question constantly tormented - Where did they go? Scientists have attributed this phenomenon to the emergence of cellular communications. Years passed and now they are back again.

Who lives next to us

Cockroaches. Red, black, brown, American, furniture ... How many are there? Over 4000 different types! And it's good that only a few of them are found in our homes.

Prusak... Red cockroach. He main inhabitant in houses and apartments... More than 80% of cockroaches living next to humans are red cockroaches.

Small, only 1-1.5 cm long. They have large wings and can sometimes fly. The female lays her eggs in a small capsule. One clutch contains up to 30 eggs. 2-3 months pass from egg to adult. Produce all year round.

The black cockroach is twice the size of the red one. These two species will never live in the same house.... Each has its own territory.

A female black cockroach lays no more than 16 eggs at a time. The maturation time of this species is much longer. It takes 3-4 years for the female to grow and mature.

American cockroach - red-brown color. Size 3 cm. These cockroaches are very few. They lay up to 20 eggs, hide the capsule in secluded places and, unlike red cockroaches, take care of their offspring. At least 3 years must pass before the onset of sexual maturity.

How do cockroaches get into our homes?

How do they get into our homes? We bring them ourselves. In bags from a store, in a folder with documents from the office, in suitcases from a trip, in a parcel from other cities and countries. There are many ways.

Sometimes cockroaches wander from one apartment to another in whole parties, if the neighbors decide to fight them. Or, on the contrary, they do not want to deal with the destruction of pests, and there are so many of them that there is not enough space.

How to deal with cockroaches

If cockroaches have already entered your house, you must take all measures to combat them:

  1. Urgently to carry out general cleaning... Remove all rubbish and deposits of old newspapers and magazines. Cover trash cans with lids, pack all foodstuffs in special containers.
  2. Use special means to fight insects. If there are a lot of insects, it is better to carry out pest control.
  3. Regularly carry out preventive measures to prevent the return of parasites.

Insect control drugs rating

Absolute cockroach gel. The drug is produced in the form of a gel... Easy to apply.

Has a prolonged action. It is necessary to apply in places that do not fall into the cleaning zone, the effect of the drug is the same on the first day of application and after a month.

The main active ingredient, chlorpyrifos, is contained in small quantities. Practically safe. Recommended for use in childcare facilities. It costs from 80 to 120 rubles.

Agran... Concentrated yellow-brown emulsion. Recommended for controlling bedbugs, but can also be used for other parasites. In order to use Agran at home, you need to purchase a spray bottle.

The drug is of neuroparalytic action. Has an unpleasant odor... The result is achieved within two days. The price is 200 rubles for a bottle of 50 ml.

Leopard... The product is used to kill various crawling insects. Available in various sizes. To make it convenient to use, there is a pipette on the bottle. Non-toxic, non-hazardous to animals.

Designed to combat fleas and ticks in pets. However, it is also successfully used to destroy bedbugs, ants, cockroaches. It is not expensive 60-80 rubles.

a great warrior from cockroaches (also known as Bogatyr). Light brown gel, in a syringe... Convenient for use. Long-term intestinal action. The poison acts like a poison. The process continues when the poisoned specimens are eaten by the remaining specimens. Not expensive, 39 rubles for one syringe. One treatment is enough for a long time.

Gel from cockroaches Brownie... Universal gel with broad action. The exposure list allows you to use from almost all insects that appear in our homes. One syringe is enough to treat an apartment. The composition is similar to the Absolute. Available at a cost of 40-70 rubles per package.

Zona poison from cockroaches. Delta zone - the # 1 insect killer! This is what the manufacturer says.

Indeed, we can say that Delta Zone is a very good drug. The active substance is based on deltamethrin. The poisonous substance has an intestinal and contact toxic effect.

Those parasites that take the drug for food die from food poisoning. Bloodsuckers receive their dose of poison through the legs and abdomens. Delta zone is a viscous milky liquidconsisting of microcapsules.

After application to the treated surfaces, the water gradually evaporates, and the microcapsules with the active substance continue to act for another 1.5-2 months. The drug is recommended for public premises. The only negative is the price. 50 ml cost from 678 to 1400 rubles.

Lambda probe against cockroaches. A modern product produced in South Korea using technologies that the manufacturer keeps secret. Suspension in capsules, diluted with water... Non-toxic, non-hazardous to pets. Quickly kills cockroaches, but does not guarantee that they will not appear again.

The substance is safe does not harm either people or animals... Can be used to prevent the appearance of parasites.

Not addictive, it is used repeatedly. The drug is expensive 600 - 800 rubles.

Super attack... The gel is packaged in syringes. Has a long, prolonged action. Safe. Convenient to place in places that are out of reach of children. The cost of one package is from 60 rubles.

Taiga... it a whole line of goods to combat various insects. Reliable, not expensive tool. Creams, sprays, lotions. Manufacturers are constantly improving their products. The products are not expensive, within 100 rubles.

Tarax cockroach repellent. New. Appeared on the insecticide market recently. Very effective... Instant action. It is not toxic. Just 1 gram of powder is needed to treat your home. Not addictive, can be used repeatedly. Diluted with water. The price is about 80 rubles.

destructive force... Aerosol that instantly kills insects and provides protection for a long time. When used, the aerosol penetrates into the hard-to-reach habitats of various parasites. It can be used for processing upholstered furniture, carpets, blankets.

After the death of pests, the treated areas remain dangerous for insects for a long time. The only drawback of the aerosol is bad smell... It disappears completely when ventilated. Leaves no marks on furniture and walls. Price from 300 rubles.

Thiuram... Cable Thiuram - this is the name of the drug that should be used to destroy pests in everyday life. Effective, almost instant action... After the measures taken, the pests do not return. To work with it, you need to take precautions. Spread the powder in places inaccessible to dogs and cats. Eliminate contact with toys and household items. Very cheap. No more than 30 rubles.

Important! Thiuram powder, known to be mined in the rubber industry, is very toxic and poisonous. It's not just dangerous for your pets. Causes life-threatening poisoning.

Phenaxine... Another cheap drug. Basically used for disinsection of premises by specialists... Refers to the third group of danger. For use in everyday life, it is independently sold in small packages for 40 rubles. Dilute granules or powder with water, use dry.

The preparation contains boric acid (a famous folk remedy), which is a deadly poison for many insects. Phenaxin from cockroaches is effective against adults; it has almost no effect on eggs laid in secluded places. In case of severe infection, it is recommended to use a more effective remedy in combination with Phenaxin.

Fipronil from cockroaches - a slow-acting poison. It is not for sale in its pure form.... It is added to various preparations. Gels, aerosols, baits in traps. (Frontline, Anti-cockroach-gel, Brownie). The poison has a neuroparalytic effect.

Toxic, not recommended for use in rooms with children and pregnant women. After processing the premises, the action continues for another month.

Fufanon. Pest control agent, white emulsion, specific smell. Available in 5 liter cans. It is used for the treatment of residential premises, enterprises, institutions. It is expensive - 3000 rubles.

Fufanon for bedbugs. Protective agent in ampoules. Affordable (8-10 rubles). It dissolves in water. Convenient for killing a wide range of pests. Reprocessing required.

Fufanon-super... Emulsion. Has a wide range of effects. Effective. Popular with farmers. It is produced in various dosages from 1 liter to 5. Depending on the volume, the cost ranges from 500 to 5000 rubles.

Trap gel... The tool does not differ from other types of these products. The composition includes toxic substances. When applying, you must follow the instructions exactly.

Trap glue... We read the instructions - intended for mechanical catching. Further, it is even more interesting - it is necessary to determine the migration path, glue the adhesive tape, apply glue to it, in the morning the tape with stuck bugs and cockroaches, pack it tightly and dispose of it.

And the next night, repeat everything again and so on until all copies are completely destroyed. And to increase efficiency, you need to put the legs of the bed in containers, after filling them with glue. Go to sleep on the floor yourself, and hungry pests will come at night, start looking for you and will certainly stick.

Well what can you say? Not effective. Not productive. Not worth attention... Although it costs 30 - 60 rubles cheap.

Can Chinese drugs be used?

Chinese remedies for cockroaches. Gels, pencils, dust - these are the main products that the Chinese offer. Officially, you will not find such goods in retail chains.

Most often, they enter our country illegally.... As a rule, instructions are written in Chinese, there is no translation into Russian.

It is impossible to find out neither the composition, nor the features of the application, nor the shelf life. If you value your health, love your pets, take care of the safety of your family, do not take risks. Give up dubious Chinese-made drugs forever.

Cockroaches live on earth for many millions of years. Dozens of companies produce drugs to destroy them. Hundreds of scientists are puzzled over the problem of cockroaches. Every day, all over the planet, housewives buy poison for millions of rubles. And he lived, is alive and will live.

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