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Hyacinths given away

Question: gift hyacinths

Good day, I received as a gift of hyacinths planted in a jar of pastica and that are blooming, I wanted to ask you how I can behave about it ... I state that I live in an apartment and I have no garden ... what should I do, plant them in a larger vase? just fade? or do I leave them in jars? how often do I have to water them? thank you very much for your help

Answer: gift hyacinths

Dear Monica,
for now it is convenient to leave the hyacinths in the jar, watering the earth well when it is dry. Since winter is not the correct season of hyacinth flowering, it is a question of forced bulbs, ie places in the refrigerator to simulate the cold and then placed in the air to simulate spring. So let the plant grow, let the leaves and it grow. When it starts to dry out, stop watering and let the bulbs dry. In April you can put them in a larger vase, letting them receive rains; if they were to re-shoot hardly they will make flowers, they are more likely to make them next year.