Delicacy tomato "Lemon Giant": description of the variety, cultivation features, photo of tomatoes

Tomatoes are not only red or pink. No less popular are elegant yellow tomatoes, which are used to make salads, sauces, and juices.

A bright representative of this type is the large-fruited "Lemon Giant", which has a delicate harmonious taste.

Tomato "Giant Lemon": variety description

Variety nameLemon giant
general descriptionMid-season indeterminate variety
Ripening period105-110 days
The formRounded, slightly flattened
ColorLemon yellow
Average weight of tomatoesup to 700 grams
ApplicationSalad variety
Variety yield5-6 kg per bush
Growing featuresThe variety is quite picky about fertilizing and irrigation
Disease resistanceResistant to major diseases

"Lemon Giant" is a mid-season large-fruited variety. The bush is indeterminate, powerful, with a moderate number of leaves. In favorable conditions, the bush grows up to 2.5 meters, requires tying and pinching. Tomatoes ripen in clusters of 4-6 pieces.

Fruits are large, round-flat, ribbed at the stalk, multi-chambered. Average weight - about 700 g. The color is intense lemon-yellow, very elegant. The pulp is juicy, not watery, the taste is pleasant, sweet with a slight sourness. The thin but firm skin prevents the fruit from cracking. Tomatoes contain an increased amount of beta-carotene and vitamin C, and are recommended for vitamin deficiency.

You can compare the weight of fruits with other varieties in the table:

Variety nameFruit weight
Lemon giantup to 700 grams
Verlioka80-100 grams
Fatima300-400 grams
Yamal110-115 grams
Red Arrow70-130 grams
Crystal30-140 grams
Crimson ringing150 grams
Cranberries in sugar15 grams
Valentine80-90 grams
Samara85-100 grams

A photo

Tomato photo "Lemon Giant" see below:

Origin and application

The Lemon Giant tomato variety was bred by Russian breeders. Designed for growing in greenhouses, film greenhouses or open ground. Green tomatoes ripen successfully at room temperature. The fruits are well stored and transported.

Variety "Lemon Giant" salad, fruits are suitable for fresh consumption, making soups, hot dishes, sauces, mashed potatoes. Ripe tomatoes produce a delicious, bright yellow juice with a pleasant lemon aroma.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the main advantages of the variety:

  • large, juicy, tasty fruits;
  • excellent productivity;
  • fruits are well stored;
  • high content of nutrients;
  • disease resistance.

The variety is quite picky about fertilizing and watering regime. On poor soils, the yield will be less, and the fruits will acquire a watery taste.

The yield of the variety can be compared with others:

Variety nameYield
Lemon giant5-6 kg per bush
American ribbed5.5 kg per plant
Sweet bunch2.5-3.5 kg per bush
Buyan9 kg per bush
Doll8-9 kg per square meter
Andromeda12-55 kg per square meter
Lady Shedi7.5 kg per square meter
Banana red3 kg per bush
Golden jubilee15-20 kg per square meter
Rose of Wind7 kg per square meter

Growing features

For growing tomato "Lemon Giant" it is better to use seeds harvested 2-3 years ago, their germination rate is much higher.

Seeds of the Lemon Giant tomato variety are sown for seedlings in the first half of March. The seed is filled with a growth stimulator for 10-12 hours.

If the seeds were collected in your own garden, it is recommended to disinfect them by briefly dipping them into a pink solution of potassium permanganate or hydrogen peroxide.

The seedling soil should be light, tomatoes do not tolerate moisture stagnation in the soil. A mixture of turf or garden soil with humus is ideal. It is possible to add a small portion of washed river sand. Seeds are sown with a depth of 2 cm, sprayed with water and placed in a warm place. The ideal temperature for germination is 23-25 ​​degrees.

There are a huge number of ways to grow tomato seedlings. We bring to your attention a series of articles on how to do this:

  • in twists;
  • in two roots;
  • in peat tablets;
  • without picking;
  • on Chinese technology;
  • in bottles;
  • in peat pots;
  • without land.

The sprouted sprouts are exposed to bright light. After unfolding the first pair of true leaves, young tomatoes are dived into individual pots. It is possible to use peat containers, which will be placed in the ground along with the seedlings.

For 1 sq. m, you can place 2-3 bushes, it is not recommended to thicken the planting. Tall plants are conveniently tied to trellises, heavy branches with fruits are attached to them. It is recommended to form a bush of 1-2 stems, removing side shoots and lower leaves. During the season, tomatoes need to be fed with full complex fertilizer at least 3 times.

  • Organic, mineral, phosphorus, complex and ready-made fertilizers, for seedlings and TOP of the best.
  • Yeast, iodine, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, ash, boric acid.
  • What is foliar dressing and when picking, how to carry it out.

Watering is infrequent, but abundant, using warm, settled water.

Diseases and pests

Tomatoes "Lemon Giant" - the variety is quite resistant to viral and fungal diseases: tobacco mosaic, fusarium, verticillosis.

As a preventive measure, it is recommended to calcine the soil before planting seedlings. It is recommended to shed the ground in the greenhouse with a solution of potassium permanganate or copper sulfate. This simple procedure will destroy insect larvae and pathogenic bacteria, and increase the immunity of plants.

Periodic spraying of plantings with a pale pink solution of potassium permanganate or non-toxic bio-preparations also helps. Insecticides, which are applied before flowering, will help fight insect pests. Then planting can be sprayed with herbal infusions: celandine, yarrow, chamomile.

The Lemon Giant tomato variety is a godsend for lovers of healthy and tasty fruits. Timely feeding, temperature control and proper watering will help to achieve an impressive harvest.

Watch a video about the Lemon Giant tomato:

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