We find out the reasons why the edges of the leaves of the seedlings of cucumbers dry, the leaves turn yellow and curl? What to do in this case

The cucumber is a rather capricious plant, it needs careful care. Growing seedlings is a troublesome and painstaking business, here it will be very difficult for a beginner, a lot of experience is needed.

Any change, whether negative or positive in external conditions, instantly affects the state of the seedlings. Such manifestations as yellowing and drying of the leaves of seedlings are quite a common problem that arises among gardeners. Read more in our article.

Why do cucumber seedlings turn yellow?

It will not be very easy for a beginner to immediately notice this disease. When growing seedlings, you need to carefully monitor this, otherwise if you start such a process, it will be too late to save the plant and it will die.

There are two groups of reasons why foliage turns yellow. The first is external conditions, and the second is the presence of harmful insectsthat drink plant juices or eat up the root system.

There is a third reason, a separate one, but let's talk about everything in order.

The foliage of cucumber seedlings turns yellow for many reasons. One of them is lack of minerals in the soil... The second reason - wrong watering regime... Also a possible reason could be lack of light... That is why the leaves of the cucumber seedlings turn yellow on the window.

Do not expose young seedlings to the bright sun, this can cause burns to the foliage. Lack of space for the root system can also cause yellowing of young leaves.

There is another reason why leaves turn yellow on cucumber seedlings. She is the saddest, if I may say so, because there are no effective means against her.

It could be bad seeds., then you can forget about a good harvest. Therefore, you should buy seeds in safe places and store them properly. Learn more about preparing seeds before planting.

What if the leaves turn yellow?

If you are overwhelmed by such a nuisance, then you need first of all, adjust the watering, this is the most common reason that the seedlings began to turn yellow. Also it is worth applying more fertilizer, but this issue must be approached with caution, since an excessive amount of them can also harm young shoots.

Particular attention should be paid to fertilizers containing manganese and nitrogen. If everything has already been done, and the leaves continue to wilt and change color, this may mean that seedlings have little space and must be transplanted into a larger pot... Although cucumbers do not like being transplanted, in this case it is simply necessary, otherwise there is a risk of losing the entire crop.

Be sure to pay attention to where your shoots are located. If in a draft, then immediately look for another, more suitable place, cucumbers do not like drafts, especially seedlings.

Spider mites are the main enemy of gardeners. For many years, a simple soap solution has been the most effective remedy against this subtle pest. The shoots and leaves themselves are washed with it.

The pest dies from this, and no harm to the plant. The same measure will be effective against aphids. You can also use the Iskra or Fitoverm tool. More radical measures will be needed against the leafworm - fungicides.

Why do the edges of the leaves dry in cucumber seedlings?

Drying of leaves is a common problem when growing cucumber seedlings. The reasons for this may be external conditions and harmful organisms, as well as various diseases.

Wrong watering regime - This is one of the most common causes of leaf drying. Too bright or insufficient light, acidic soil can also be the reasons that the leaves dry out. Also, the plant can be susceptible to various fungal diseases.

The most common pests are spider mites, aphids and greenhouse whiteflies, especially if the seedlings grow in greenhouse shelters. A sprout fly, although a rare pest, does not diminish its danger.

Downy mildew and powdery mildew, root rot also cause drying of seedling foliage. Such a dangerous disease as fusarium can destroy not only young shoots, but also an adult plant.

Sudden changes in temperature, low temperatures or too high can also make small plants feel bad.

What if the leaves dry?

Powdery mildew is a fungal disease against which use drugs "Topaz" and colloidal sulfur... It must be borne in mind that this is still a seedling, so the dosage must be selected very carefully so as not to harm. Against a disease such as downy mildew the drug "Fitostorin" will be effective.

In case of top rot it is necessary to adjust the watering and it is best to water the seedlings in small doses twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. For this, water must be prepared, that is, it must be collected in advance and defended for at least 12-14 hours or passed through a filter.

Against aphids and spider mites good old soap solution helpsmade from ordinary laundry soap.

It is rubbed with foxes and shoots of future cucumbers. Against greenhouse whitefly successfully helps "Confidor"... Against the sprout fly will be effective drug "Arrow".

If a disease such as root rot occurs, it is necessary check the soil and drainage of the bottom of the cassette or another container where your seedlings grow, water can accumulate there, which causes root rot. If this is not done in the most careful way, young shoots will die.

If the soil is acidic, then the acidity should be lowered, bringing it to neutral... The easiest and cheapest way is slaked lime... The method is natural and suitable for everyone who does not want to use heavy chemicals once again and at the same time is fast enough.

You can also use dolomite flourwhich is quite expensive but very effective. Means such as chalk, ash are also quite effective methods of reducing soil acidity. In addition, it can serve as an additional fertilizer.

Such measures can be effective for more than one season, so the next year you will be relieved of this problem.

Seedlings of cucumbers - the leaves dry and turn yellow, photo below:

To get a good harvest of cucumbers, you need to work hard. This is especially true for growing seedlings. There are many difficulties in store for the beginner. But if you grow it without yellowness and wilting of leaves, then you can be proud by right and consider yourself an experienced gardener.

In the article, we found out the reasons why the cucumber seedlings die or the leaves of the cucumber seedlings turn yellow, what to do in this case? Described methods of dealing with these ailments. Applying them, almost any problem will not be scary, since the most difficult stage is behind. Good luck, luck and patience, and of course a big harvest.

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